Enough Said

Creating the egoism of “I”
You separated me from You.
For You it was all a play
Did You ever consider my struggle and dismay ?

Spinning your web of Maya
You veiled yourself from me
Pray tell me, “how do I reach thee?”

Am I not your very essence ?
Why then have you created this distance ?
How do I convince You,
Of my wish to merge in You ?

Days go by, my struggles don’t end
I know not, how to make amends.
The passion of longing is missing in me,
I find myself alone, at sea.

Are your tests and evaluations of me so poor,
Even after all these years, you are still unsure ?
Can You be happy and at peace,
When I feel so much dis-ease ?

Is it me alone who pines for our communion,
Don’t You too want our union ?

Enough have I pleaded and begged
No more. Enough said


The beauty of surrender I can see,
Gives me the freedom and allows me to be.
No more anxiety, no more worries,
No more confusions and queries.
Accepting everything that comes by
I flow with effortless ease.
Knowing His will to be supreme
I no longer want, lament or grieve.
He is responsible for worrying about me,
I continue to live fearless and free.

As always with love