When I saw the picture of the elephant sitting on the tree, I didn’t think twice and moved on to reading Medhaji’s article. In that moment, there was only acceptance of the image. Reflection of this reminded me of the importance of acceptance in life rather than the resistance and reactions that often take place in my mind’s eye.

Observing the picture again reminded me of Ganpati Bapa enjoying the tranquility of the heaven surrounding him. Paying obeisance to his lotus feet, the hurdle remover, he is forever invoked for all divine beginnings. In the realm unknown to us, beyond what we can see, hear, feel, touch and smell, maybe this image is reality?

And as I searched within, the picture reminded me of how every reality we perceive is simply a mirror of the illusion we have created. I am on the path of discovering my own truth. I vision it to be merged with all living and inanimate objects, back into the original source.  Truth is, for now I am still the centre of my world.  And as the centre of my world, all I am is a speck in the play of consciousness.

When I am a speck, all is his will. Inevitably, I must experience life based on my own karmas, be it of any merit or wrongdoings. Whatever it may be, surrender and accept, for this precious life is giving me an opportunity towards dissolution into the original principle and be one with my God Self. When God is within us. So is our Guru. So is our Mother. Our Father. Our loved ones. Our lessons. And all inanimate objects.

I am so grateful for this opportunity as writing helps me reflect and enables my thoughts to be brought together. Thank you dear Swamiji, Medhaji and the OS.me family for all the encouragement and inspiration to allow the creative juices to flow.