I wanted to be wise
I wanted to be known
I wanted that everyone should appreciate me
I wanted to be knowledgeable
I wanted to be famous
I wanted that I possess power of love (Irony 😄)
I wanted everything possible
Not knowing that “Ego” is getting double
Everywhere I see it was just that “I”
I wanted to feel happy when someone was praising me
I wanted to see how much respect people are giving me
I was living in a false world of my own expectations
YOU were enjoying my drama
YOU were let me go through my Karma
When YOU decided now the time has come
Let ME take her away from this Maya
Let her understand that what you are hankering for is not true
YOU (Krishna) are the only TRUTH
YOU sent someone to make me realise that everything is in YOUR name Alone
No books, No Gyan, No Rituals nothing YOU need
For YOU my devotion and surrender is everything
When YOU only remain in every breath
Everything will come, be it knowledge, be it wealth, be it any other thing
It’s YOU alone who is giving me everything and it’s YOU alone who will take everything
What I have to do, besides Surrender
“Surrender is Knowledge” (Precious Knowledge by my Thakur)