My dearest Swamiji,

First of all, wish You a very happy birthday! Infinite thanks to You for answering my question on ‘surrender‘ in yesterday’s discourse! I never understood the meaning of ‘Surrender‘ fully. Thanks to yesterday’s discourse, suddenly all my doubts and confusions created by my intellect or poor mind got cleared! I cannot thank You enough! I have no more queries in life now! Swamiji, please never ever keep a distance from me! I have already surrendered to You with all my flaws and afflictions! But today, on this auspicious occasion, I take the opportunity to surrender to You with all my heart and soul! I shall try my best to become a true disciple of You for the rest of my life. I know it is not easy without Your grace. Please bless me, Swamiji! 

I have taken a set of  ‘sankalpas and goals’ to keep myself on track:

  • To take care of my health (I am continuing my Walk! Now I am adding Surya-Namaskar six days a week to the list)!
  • To remain Truthful at all situations (to abide by the principles laid by You in this blog).
  • To do all my spiritual sadhanas with utmost sincerity and discipline.
  • To work hard at my workplace with full honesty, dedication and sincerity ( I have realised that I must have a productive day at my workplace to remain happy)!
  • To strive for  excellence at my  profession or whatever I do, so that I could make You proud (My goal is not to become famous, but to say ‘I did my best‘ at the end of the day)!

I have found that, whatever I write on this platform, it becomes a binding on me to follow! Hence this post! 

My Swamiji, please accept my koti koti dandavat pranams! I shall forever be at Your service with whatever skills and abilities I have at my command! Each day, I shall make conscious endeavor to enhance my skills and purify myself so that I can serve You! 

Wish You, once again, a magnificent and lovely birthday!

-Eternally Yours,

Your disciple Amarendra Om