There is always a lot to learn from the nature- the way it grows, the ability to transform and always blossom in the best possible way. We human being a part of this nature have also acquired certain abilities and one of the most important ability is to “Survive”. We can survive our bosses, our partners, in-laws ,children along with other harsh realities of our lives which are never in our control. May be this ability came from early man who never had any certainty in their lives. This survival mode is good many times it’s like a hope that one day everything will be good and there will be happy ending. After all many Jews survived the Holocaust because of this hope only.

Today I have some different realization that too much of survival sometimes hinders our growth. I planted two beautiful money plants in a bottle filled with water. Due to the rising Corona cases my college asked us to leave the campus and go back to our homes. It was difficult for me to take these plants with me. So I filled them properly and hoped they will be able to survive the scarcity. As plants have good surviving skills they survived but now when I am back I am observing they have stopped growing and are still in survival mode. May be with proper care they will eventually start to grow again.

After observing this I felt that when for longer duration we feel that nothing is happening according to our wish we also start living in this survival mode and never try to change the outcomes of our life and switch back to the growth mode. We survive so that we can grow in future but what if we end in survival mode. It’s very important that we should know when to be in survival mode and when to be in growth mode so that we may not take any growth phase as the survival phase. Personally, I have been more in survival mode because of my weaknesses which I failed to address on right time and felt insecure with low-confidence. Now I am understanding that I can always be in growth phase if I start understanding my weaknesses without self-criticism and being patient with myself. If I can’t be a rabbit then at least I should try to be a tortoise with consistency. Life is not a race. Life is meant to be lived because if a tortoise started competing with a rabbit then it will never even try and will always fail. But if the tortoise at its own pace start to enjoy the journey then it will neither fail nor succeed but will always be blissful. I think we all want to be blissful.

#Kindly share your views on this and guide me. I will be glad to learn more from all of your experiences.

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