There’s a simple yet powerful Sadhana provided by our beloved Swami for Surya or Sun’s worshippers. This Sadhana can be done annually, during the transit of Sun into Libra or Tula. This occurrence is known as Tula Sankranti.

While doing this Surya Sadhana, I felt like my system was going through a thorough cleanup inside out! Since this is proprietary content, you can learn this Sadhana for Intuition and Wellbeing directly from Swami (here). Here, I’m sharing my experience about this beautiful and essential austerity. If you understand Hindi, you can also check out a video about it on YouTube (here). Below are some of my notes from the same.


  1. This Sadhana can be repeated every year at the same star positions as described in the source article. I did it on the same date and time specified in Swami’s writing, but in my local time. You can find the current year’s start date here.
  2. I kept a red shawl near my altar for the red color clothing and put that on my lap before performing the rituals.
  3. During the purification ritual, I thought of the first sip as internal cleansing, the second sip for the environment around me, and the third for the entire cosmos. Not sure if this is what Swami intended, but just sharing what I did. Of course, on days when I was too sleepy, I forgot that I had planned to do this!
  4. While adding the turmeric to a pot, I thought of myself as Devi seeking out to Shiva. That helped me purify my thoughts through the sentiments of Bhakti.
  5. Reminder: The Sadhana ends on the 30th day after the morning session. I was a tad bit confused about this on the last day.


  1. Being a nocturnal creature, waking up early in the morning, was a big challenge for me. Hence, I set out my altar, prayer mat, and everything else I needed ready at night. Psychologically, this helped my mind accept the requirement of waking up early. There was a day when I forgot to do this preparation at night, and the next morning was groggy like never before.
  2. Throughout the Sadhana period, I observed my body heat fluctuating a lot. I even experienced rectal bleeding. Hence it’s essential to keep yourself hydrated. Perhaps, that could be why this Sadhana is set aside for a season where the Sun’s rays are slant and not too strong.
  3. The heat generated seemed to burn away the threads of my Rudraksh beads. I was scared that it might break midway through the Sadhana. In a Black Lotus forum, Swami had confirmed that it’s just fine to resume with new Rudraksh beads. I still was worried. Not too ritualistic to care about it that way, but my Rudraksh was worn by Sri Hari first, and I didn’t want to lose it!
  4. If you have small children, please ensure that you have ample backup support. The massive internal cleanup, which I attribute to this Sadhana, gave me crazy mood swings. To add to that, my child fell sick for an extended period during my Sadhana. My poor husband had to manage a crisis at work, take care of my child at night, and handle a cranky me as well!


  1. Unlike before, my libido, even during my period of ovulation, was barely existent. A positive thing for a spiritual practitioner! That could be because of the meditation on Manipur Chakra.
  2. According to Ayurveda, our modern lifestyle is messing up our body temperatures. The chief cause of this is the many chemicals in our beds, couches, clothing, and sadly, even in menstrual pads. This Sadhana helps regulate our body heat leading to better health. My overall health improved drastically after this Sadhana.
  3. While there could be many other reasons, one key factor to menstrual issues like PMS/PMDD is imbalanced body heat. Roughly for about seven years, I struggled with PMDD, and my menstruations lasted 15 days a month (yes, a crazy 50%). The doctors couldn’t figure out any solution. This Sadhana wholly rewired my system. Combined with some simple lifestyle changes, my symptoms reduced drastically. Perhaps, multiple iterations of this Sadhana might completely cure it.
  4. Finally, meditating on Manipur Chakra can improve our intuition.


  1. My gratitude to Swami for opening up this Sadhana to the world. It has made an enormous difference in my life.
  2. The benefits of a Sadhana are subjective. So, please take it with a pinch of salt!


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