‘ When the student is ready; the master appears’ going by the above statement who found whom?
Was I ready to be found or he was ready to make his presence felt in my life ? I honestly don’t know and does it matter ?

I first read his post in 2016 ‘An attitude of happiness’. I remember reading it a couple of times, the post left quite an impression on me. I figured out the link to the blog and started reading him. when I googled on Swami, there wasn’t much and I liked that he was a little reclusive. So, started the journey between me and Swami. I only knew he was a monk and nothing more; but neither was I keen on delving to know more.

My being was moved only by one need, to devour what he wrote. Checking the blog every now and then to see if a new post was up or not (this was before I figured the pattern in posting).
This waiting took another turn when I wouldn’t sleep on the 1st and 3rd saturdays of every month, until I saw the latest post. All the while I was unaware of the impact Swami was having on me. It is only when one of my friend pointed out saying ‘Sindhu you are always quoting a Swami who is he? I was like ‘Really do I always do that’? My ego was not permitting me to admit that someone was influencing me to such a great degree. Any situation I faced, be it at work or at home; my attitude was ‘What would Swami want me to do or What will he do? became my mantra (It’s a different story that I always don’t do what he recommends).
I started reading out stories and anecdotes from him to my children. My children being young, were not always keen, but I didn’t give them much of choice. Bed times became read Swami times. In one of those moments, I looked at my daughter and told her “Amma might not always be around you or live forever. At any juncture in life when you are at crossroads or you are not sure of the next step; turn to Om Swamiji and he will guide you”. Saying this, I thrust the book in her hand.

All above does not mean everything is hunky-dory, there are moments of scepticism too that I have felt towards him.
I have never seen him or met him; and neither am I propelled by the need. I am there and he is there; on most days I see him looking at me, smiling with love. Othertimes smiling, bemused at my behaviour. If there is one thing that I am cognizant of, that is ; he knows me and I know him. If and when we meet, I don’t think either will have anything to say to eachother. It will just be a moment of recognition and internal acknowledgement of each others presence.It’s a very sacred and personal space. My journey with him is technically only 4 years old, but I suppose it stretches way beyond that. Some relationships are just that, no definitions, no limitations, no boundaries and no physical presence required. Communication still happens; it is there in the form of ever present energy, to hold, to guide, to laugh, to love, to bless and to walk along with. There’s a lot I saw, I felt and I received. All I want to say is just one word (phrase)
Thank you !In Bhagvat Geeta, Krishna says to Arjuna:

“Quickly I come to those who offer me every action,
Worship me only, their dearest delight,
With devotion undaunted.
Because they love me, these are my bondsmen,
And I shall save them from mortal sorrow
And all the waves of life’s deathly ocean.
Be absorbed in me,
Lodge your mind in me,
Thus you shall dwell in me.
Do not doubt it,
Here and hereafter.”

Much Love