With 2g ,3g ,4g and Jeeja jee of Rahul Gandhi why not call our Swamiji jeee? As he said once In Punjab every thing becomes plural like Patiyaale, Ludhiyaane or there is no word like Aap its Tussi for respect then is it treating our Guru whom most of us consider no less than a Divine aswelll our isht disrespectful calling him Swami? Once Swamiji said he doesn’t give blessings to someone who treats him as a friend or a wise co traveler but think about it we may not give blessings to our cousins friends or co devotees but we ll still care for them ! Then should we still call him Swami or Swamiji? A co devotee told me as soon as he got initiated he got too much respect and adoration for Swamiji that he couldn’t adress him as Swami. Another co devotee said he read something that we should not take name of our Guru and out of revrence only add jee behind his name if need be! On the other hand a non Indian resident devotee asked do u call krishna Krishnajee or Buddha Buddhajee or if u love Swamiji in bhaav of how Yashoda loved Nand lal then did she call him Nand lal jee? Or did Meera called her Kanhaa Govindaa jee? How ever we may call him or adress him in our hearts , we all are his and he ll keep loving ,caring and guiding us! A mother might be Maa,mumma ,mummy ,ammma ,ammmee ,mmiyaa ,aeee or Mom her heart will always and forever beat for kids weather they or she is any corner of universe! Guru is maha Maa.

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