I work in UCO Bank Osmanabad. My hometown is Latur, just 80 kms away from Osmanabad city. Mother had removed benign tumour from breast and so wife, me and our 8 months Riyansh shifted to Latur. We decided that I would go everyday in Cruiser trax with other government employees to Osmanabad for 15 days till mother gets healed completely.

The driver of Cruiser trax had been driving government employees for 15 years without any incident. But he was quite fast in driving. Many times I had asked him to drive slowly. “भाई तेरे स्पीड से मुझे बहुत डर लगता है, स्लो चला करो, लेट हुआ तो भी चलता है।“ “साहब बहुत डरते हो आप, १५ साल में कुछ नही हुआ, आप बिन्दास रहिए।“

Many times I would remember Swami’s face due to his scary driving or ignore his driving by watching YouTube or just sleep. He  won’t listen, come what may.

Mother was getting healed and so I decided to go by bike on 7 September 2022 to get extra bag shifted to Osmanabad. It was raining outside, but I still wanted to go by bike because I didn’t wanted to go by Cruiser trax. I had a feeling not to go by Trax.

But family and me decided against going on bike.

It was raining heavily and so all the employees asked the driver to go slowly.

I slept and just 20 kms away from latur, I got up from sleep hearing employees shouting at driver to go slowly. I was sitting at backside. What I saw in front of our trax was nightmare. Car was coming with speed towards us. Driver wanted to overtake truck in front of us and when he peep out from behind truck, car was fast approaching. To avoid crashing, he took trax on rightside to get downside of road, but their was surprise there. Another truck was parked on the downside of road. To avoid crashing on parked truck, he took sharp turn on leftside. He avoided crashing on all 3 vehicles but vehicle flipped due to smoothness of road (it was raining heavily). Vehicle flipped 3 times down the road into the agricultural field.

During flipping of vehicle, thoughts were running in my mind. “What the hell is happening? Why does this happen with me? Let this happen,   let’s get out when flipping stops. Don’t think I will be able to meet swami in this lifetime. आब तो आत्मा बनकर ही मिलेंगे स्वामी से।

As soon as flipping stopped, I was on the side of window. Diesel was dripping from trax, seeing this scene, my survival instincts kicked in and I got out from the window. When I came out I couldn’t stand on legs. It was pain in back of my body. I have to sit down. Asked one person alongside me, if he is okay.

Took my bags and and went to nearby hotel with all my strength and slept there on back of my body till ambulance arrived. I thanked Swami for saving me and also thanked him, that it was me alone and not my kid and wife.

When I came to hospital, I came to know about reality of situation. 3 people sitting in front seat were quite serious. Everyone had stitches, fracture in parts of body or head swelling. I was the only one with no head injury. I had only compression fracture in lumbar region of spine. Thanks to Om Swami.

15 days rest and back support belt with tablets with little bit pain on backside while standing or sleeping. Thank you swami for saving me.

“आखरी सासे तेरी गोद में जाए। तेरा हात सिर पर पड जाए, तो हम दुनिया से भी लड़ जाए।“