Every second and fourth Saturday, I go to home town to spend some quality time with family. Complete week is hectic it is only on weekends where I get time to go to Latur from Osmanabad. On Monday morning, I come back to Osmanabad.

This event happened today morning when coming back to Osmanabad on two wheeler.  On lonely road, my speed is 80 km/hr. But when I approach town, I reduce it to 55. In one of lonely road, there was traffic jam due to heavy trucks carrying sugarcane. It was stuck on left and right side. I got down from the road and overtook all heavy vehicles on kuccha road from left side, not knowing what is waiting for me in chowk of approaching town. I was happy that I  don’t have to get stuck in traffic.

When I came near town, another heavy vehicle of traffic. I overtook it from leftside and went in front of them. As I was approaching Chowk of town(centre of town), there were people around everywhere. A boy aged around 10 came suddenly in front of me crossing the road by running , I  got mini or microseconds to react. I pressed both the brakes, but still bike went and hit the boy. He fell down on the road and I fell down from bike. Bike and I went slipping for 10-12 feet.

I thought, “What the hell. Where did kid come from? He must be dead. I picked up my bike and took it to the side of road. My hands and legs were hurt, but all I cared about was about kid for two reasons:

One was if kid is dead, I will be hit by people then and there and second I didn’t wanted to kill kid and live my complete life with guilt.

People were asking me, “Are you hurt anywhere? Check it.”

“I am okay. Show me the kid. Take him to the hospital.”

“He has hurt little bit on hand. Where are you hurt?”

“I have blood coming out of left knee. Other than that I am okay.”

I went to kid. He was crying out of shock of incident. I saw his hand and legs. He had scratch on hand and legs. Other than that he seemed okay. I asked his father to take him to the hospital. But father refused. Father was saying that kid  doesn’t understand how to cross the road. He told me to leave and not to worry. Father was angry on his kid more than me.

After that I left, thinking that this was first time in India I have seen. People would have beaten me to death for hitting kid, no matter whose fault it was. But this time, they never did anything to me. Why didn’t anyone even abuse me?

Well then came the answer,

“तुम्हारे सिर पर परमशक्ति, परमगुरू ओम स्वामी का हाथ है. एक बार जो उनका हाथ पकड़ लेता है, उसे स्वामी कभी नही छोड़ते.”

Thanks Swami that kid and I am okay. One lesson I have learnt is, “This is india and here, not all people are aware of rules and not everyone follows them, so it is better to drive at 20 to 30 speed in town, no matter how good the road is. And also not to overtake Heavy vehicles from leftside from kaccha road. Because worse could be waiting for me in the front. Better to keep patience with the traffic.😁 Helmet protects us from head injury. It acted as shield for me between my head and road.”Left knee injury in motorcycle accident

Phew!! that was close swami.