Truth is infinite, it cannot be confined to a book. Truth is free to introduce itself – These are the words of Swamiji about whom I am writing this post.

Swami Sharnanandji was a very rare jewel of the spiritual world of the 20th century. He belongs among the select company of such realized souls like Sri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa (1836-1886), Swami Rama Tirtha (1873-1906), and Sri Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950). His simple views, his humble demeanor, and his uncompromising style will serve as a beacon of light to the seekers of the spiritual world for centuries to come. He was the rarest of the rare saints—a saints’ saint.

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Swami Sharnanandji was प्रज्ञा चक्षु  (not able to see) saint but due to god’s grace, he has reached at such a stage that nobody was able to cut what they had said. He has described in such words, which are so special from the earlier ones and through which anyone changes very quickly.

Sharanandji Maharaj has called himself a revolutionary saint. In his books, Gitaji’s (Bhagwat Gita) true meaning has appeared . Despite knowing this much, the pride of his knowledge never came in him. 

He has also said in his discourses that by reading my books there will be a panic created in Dvaita, Advaita, Vishishtadvaita, Dvaitadvaita etc. !  they did not refute any opinion, but everyone was denied!  But it is difficult to understand their words, their language. (one need to read 2-3 times to understand properly.)

The spiritual world has not yet fully discovered and understood the impact of Swamiji’s simple, yet radical teachings. His message has not yet been widely disseminated. His writings and discourses need to be correctly and carefully preserved for the benefit of the future generations of spiritual seekers.

Voice of Swami Sharnanandji 

Below are some of the Aphorisms in swamiji’s own voice:- 

1. There are many who “believe” in God; there are many who “know” the reality/truth of the world. The important thing is how much of that “belief” and “knowledge” gets expressed in their living or how much “effect” that “belief” and “knowledge” has on their “life”.

2. It is not difficult to have a godly feeling (Bhagavad-buddhi) in a specific thing [or object]; however, this is incomplete godliness. Absolute godliness means to know that there is nothing apart from God—there is nothing apart from God even in the present, there was nothing apart from God even in the past, and there will be nothing apart from God even in the future.
[Vasudeva sarvam iti; Sarvam Khalvidam Brahmm; Siya-Ram meya sabb jagg jaani; Sabb Gobind hey, Sabb Gobind hey…]

3. He who is constantly busy in promoting his self-importance, the world does not like to see even his face—truthfully speaking. 

4. . If you speak for others, hear for others, think for others, and work for others, then you will keep progressing in the world. Nobody can stop this. If you only think for yourself, deprivation/destitution will never leave you!

5.Who is the greatest preacher? One who teaches through life—one who lets his life speak! He is the greatest speaker, the greatest learned person, and the greatest reformer. And who is the lowermost preacher? He who preaches through others—sometimes discussing people, and sometimes life-conditions. 

6.God does not fulfill desires; actually, He makes the devotee desire-free.

7. If you breathe your last while the desires still remain, it is called “death;” if you become desire-free before death, it called “Mukti.”

8. If we go to God with our desires, then God will become worldly; but if we go to the world selflessly, then even the world will become godly. Therefore, go to God to love God and go to the world to serve the world. In other words, go to God for the sake of loving God and go to the world for the sake of serving the world; and do not ask anything in return either from God or from the world. Then you will receive love from both. 

9. If our senses run towards the world, what is their fault? Our senses are of the worldly nature. But tell me, why do you like the world? You are of the godly nature (You are of God’s kind).

10. Today there is not even the slightest need for a teaching guru. What is needed is a brave man or a woman who can accept/embrace the teachings. What the world’s greatest guru, greatest leader, the greatest nation cannot do (for you), you can, if you so desire, do it for yourself. In the scriptures, becoming a guru or a leader has been stated as the cause of one’s downfall. This proves that this task (i.e., to be a guru or a leader) is appropriate for great souls only. A spiritual seeker should stay away from this trouble. 

How to Get Swamiji’s Books?

1. To Read online for free go to this link. Click Here  OR Install This Application (Developed for the seekers by the seekers, this application has his all teachings,podcasts(pravchans), books,quotes etc.)

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2. To Order physical books kindly contact to:-

I. Manav Seva Sangh (Vrindavan) on 9412278778 

II. Raj Kumar Kaushik ji (Also From Vrindavan Manav Seva Sangh) on 8755813521, 8938808880. 

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III. Swami Prempuri ji of Manav Seva Sangh Karnal , Haryana on 9416467999, Duliram ji 7988886115

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For a Detailed Catalogue of Swamiji books, Click Here

Namo Narayan 🙏🙏🙏

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