While searching the dp for this write up i was searching a monk vaccinating his disciples but instead found saffron robbed monks waiting to be vaccinated! With ashram opening after 1 year seven months and a Banwaas of devotees from Swamiji so long ,the longing to see his moon face and hear his honey tone made those who had still not got vaccinated to immideately book on Covin app and those who dint have certificate to apply for same ! I joked with a co devotee too that Modeejee should facilitate Swamiji for fastening vaccination!There have been cases where some healthy people contacted covid and crossed to the other world after getting vaccinated making few of us sceptical to be vaccinated! The feel of being left out that these s.o.ps of ashram are even strict than many government organizations! Anyways for our safety and security lets appreciate the Ashram administration for synchronizing the stay and following covid precaution norms! At end of it all devotees are really really excited ,anxious and passionate about visiting the ashram and are booking air plain ,train ,bus and hotel reservations!