Part of my job profile is to conduct sessions for the teenagers in my school. I usually have a couple of topics always prepared as I never know when the leadership will ask me to conduct any session.

Recently, I overestimated myself and decided to take it easy and recycle topics I had already conducted. It was a Tuesday night I remember, one of the teachers prepared my roster in such a way that I had to prepare a new session as I had conducted all the sessions that I had prepared, for that particular class. I was in such a fix as it was way too last minute and my mind went blank.

For reasons unknown to me at that time, there was some notification from in my mail.  I opened and I went through Swamiji’s articles and this one particular article on Luck caught my eye. What Luck I had that night!

I used Swamiji’s article to deliver His message to the students and the response that I got from my students was so overwhelming. I was so happy I could deliver His message to so many youngsters and I was happy that the youngsters got something of value to think about.

It is only His grace that saved me from embarrassment that day. Thank you so much, Swamiji. Koti Koti pranams to you!

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