I was 19 years old when my mother passed on. She was only 45 years old. My Dad had to take on the role of both parents and did a superb job. Parents are a gift from God, treasure them. I sure do understand what people mean when they say that! From my parents I learnt the importance of prayer and to never lose faith in God. However with the loss of my parents came a chattering mind.. constantly pondering, questioning,searching for answers. Why? How? Where? Chatter chatter. What to do? Swamiji to the rescue…

In November 2019, I tagged along with my 2 younger sisters on their spiritual holiday to Sri Badrika Ashram. This was my first exposure to glorious Swamiji and the start of my journey. Whoa, what an experience!

My time at the Ashram has been incredible and I can’t stop thinking about Swamiji. At times I feel as if I am meant to be there permanently. He is what I have been looking for my whole life. Pure bliss.

The path of any spiritual aspirant is not easy and I can surely attest to that.

This year has put me through many tests personally and professionally and i was often pushed to my limits. I have surpassed through these times only through the guidance and grace of Swamiji. This guidance comes through his teachings in his blogs, books and videos. Meditation and praying to the Divine Mother was never something I did until I got hooked onto Black Lotus.  I now do my meditation and chanting daily and look forward to it.  It has become part of my life and all thanks goes to Swamiji for instilling this discipline.  A remarkable kind gentle giant.

Swamiji has put hope in my heart without which my life would be very meaningless and dull.  I firmly believe that our paths meeting was ordained by God and my life has been one of transformation since then.

Swamiji, your grace and kindness knows no bounds and I am eternally grateful to you for bringing about daily transformation in me. I now look at life through new lenses.I pray to always have you by my side through this gift of transformation that you have bestowed upon me and I hope to make you proud.