Some time earlier, I was laying on the bed, revising my subject notes of Production Engineering, and as is the case with my monkey mind, it keeps wandering here and there. Suddenly, I had a thought of Swamiji’s declaration in His last post, that He will be resuming the Zoom meetings from the coming Sunday. And then, I was reminded of the fact that in the last meeting, He gave us some challenges.

Quoting Swamiji from the Zoom Satsang of 28th March, 2021 :

So April, May…. Perhaps sometime in May, we will resume the Zoom Satsang, and I will think of some structure so that I handhold you and lead you through the journey of Self-Transformation. Until then, I would say that please keep up with your mindful speech. Until we meet next, can you do one thing? And that is :

  1. Whatever time you go to bed, can you go to bed 40 mins earlier than you normally go to bed? You can still get up late in the morning, I don’t care, but I would like you to go to bed, earlier than what you normally do. 
  2. Do not end your night with Screen. So, not watching Netflix, or Whatsapp, or whatever is there these days, I don’t know. Instead, can you maybe, read a book? Or simply, maybe you could meditate on your breath? 

And after that, I will have a challenge for you, when we meet next, which will be very different. And, if you do this, then you have a much better chance in succeeding in that, because that will test your willpower. And, when we test Willpower, it grows! Resistance is what makes willpower grow, if we do it right.

I just need to make some change in the pattern in your life. Actually, I give you a choice, either you go to bed 40 mins early, or you get up 40 mins early everyday, no matter what. I think I have shared with you, that : No matter at what time I go to bed, whether it’s 2 AM or 3 AM in the morning, I always get up at my set time, every single day. And I say to my mind, “Look, you will get adjusted the next day, or the next to next day”. So, don’t wreck your routine. The key to moderation, the key to detachment, dispassion, the key to leading a life of fulfillment, “A good, consistent routine is the Bedrock“! It is such a simple thing, but we underestimate a power of it. 

Now, to be honest, after that Zoom Satsang, I remembered His challenges for some days. But after that, they escaped my mind. Today, I am reminded of them, and so are you all, who are reading this. To the ones who could follow His advice, and complete those challenges, I offer my salute and best wishes. But, to the ones who couldn’t (including myself), I want to say that we still have a week, and we can at least complete those challenges for the coming 7 days, so that कम से कम उन्हें मुँह दिखाने लायक तो रह जाएँ (At least we can show our faces to Him, without hesitation)!

Those who accept this challenge, can take a संकल्प (Vow) of following it in the comments section, for the next 7 days, before we meet Swamiji in the Satsang, so that we are somewhat well prepared for His next challenge.

All the best!

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