Today is the second day of Navratri and I pay my obeisance to Mata Brahmacharini, one of the nine forms of Maa Durga.  And the poem below is dedicated to our divine mother and is a short attempt to glorify Her. AUM MAA!

I kneel in prayer, mother
And surrender to You
And plead You
To Forgive me

You armor me and caress
The delicate pores of mine
And knit them into shawls
Of a comforting kind

You are my Shiva
You, my Shakti
You are the pranava
The essence of my bhakti

The light on Your forehead
Unravels a saga of truth
Hushed by a red dot
That unravels You

The mystical dot has footprints
Of sages and seers
Who have walked upon this earth
Without a tinge of fear

You can gauge the beginning
And the ending of this universe
You are the puppeteer of an infinity
Immeasurable to us

I kneel before the mother
Who is dear to all of us
She is swayam bhagavati
Dwelling within us

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