To be able to recognise the  small small, sweet sweet, yet very effective shifts at a subtle level of inner life, gives me a soft soft soothing feeling.😊

Till now I could never take a clear stand in all most all sort of  issues and topics, be it mundane, spiritual, political, social etc. My inner self was busy simply exploring them.  Or may be I lacked confidence – am not sure. But now I have been able to seat myself in one particular side, to be able to register my yes or no. I have developed that much needed acumen of taking a stand, whenever required. This would help me take a calculated decision while voting in coming elections as well 😄😄.

A very recent example is from my spiritual journey.   I used to admire and accept  almost every type of categorisation (वाद ), be it nirakaar, saakar, kabirvaad, shaiva, vaishnava,  buddhism, jainism, this, that and still that. There are so many and my memory is too short to recall all.  Never had I been clear in my head and strong in heart to label myself.  Now, after receiving diksha (initiation ), everything is crystal clear. I know I am a devout devotee of Maa in her saakar swaroop. My faith has  got focused as a one pointed needle at one single point. It took me almost 30 long  years to be able to FEEL this with total conviction. Yes, 30 years for one conviction.

Next example is from  worldly life. My thoughts were abstract, spread everywhere, having no strong  personal stands. Everybody was sort of important for me, everyone  equally near to my heart, without much likes/dislikes, favourites etc. Almost every thought process seemed right to me, and every person okay. This had a positive impact though, as it attracted many many friends and no foe. 

My own daughters were also  among those everyones. They never had any special privileges.  I always used to treat them at par with their cousins and friends. I was a sort of neutralist and even an open critic of my kids.  But, slowly some very harsh and hard life lessons taught me to draw a line, to learn to take a stand for daughters when required.  If a situation demands taking sides, I need to be by their side. 

My recent, new learning says that a mother must support her kids under all circumstances, no matter even if some mistake happens on their part.  Now I am positively biased towards them and first think of their happiness and then other’s. I have become mindful of their expectations of a mother, be it emotional or other. If not me, who else would!!

Of course the pinnacle  of spirituality will   take me to the same point again where you live in total equanimity . But there is a difference in glass full and glass empty, you see. Most of the times, they are look alike. Isn’t it ? 😊

I do have a bit of doubt on my this way of thinking, though. Am I doing the right thing by being on my kid’s side even if I am aware that her some irksome  behaviour made someone so angry that heart pricking comments were lashed at her? 

The wise thoughts, other’s experiences and perspectives  are always a great help. So, do share yours please 🙏. Is there another better option to deal with such a situation? 

Jai Shri Hari 🌹🌹

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