Most of us 70 ,80 kids have grown with ladies of house our mothers who were educated being mostly the first generation of working women. Either they were teachers ,bankers or Doctors.With double incomes and more pocket money…2 rs a day and not much tokaa taki at home we explored a lots of goodies,candies ,chips and chinggum. With coloured t.vs coming from dubai ,singapore or hong kong v.c.r playing adds of Sheetal ,benzer or Metro shoes we got a lots exposure to try food choices too. My first few child hood memmorise range to colorful Gems my chaha used to get me and said one baba has given him in his dream to give a cute and affectionate baby… …..

next memory is of Mum bringing colorful saunf in a sliding box with a free whistle which i used to blow from bus stop to house like a sa pa self appointed police assistant. …………………

My father used to come in chetak vespa of blue colour and I use to run with a chilled glass of water and go for jhaddu chakkars before he could enter home…his top right shirt pocket always had a double decker or five star chocolate for his princess! ……

When i felt hungry at day time opening fridge with full cream Nanak milk s thick cream in a peetal kaa pateela as a topping on Glucose buiscuit was no less than the waffles kids eat now! ………Milk maid tins were ever present in house as quick sweet delight..
Oh the sticky and sumptuous delight………….How can i forget Hajmola chooran which was rather than a digestive a time pass chuski! ……..
KIDS who had in school used to distribute red colour kiss me tofee ,sticky orrange and black wrapped eclairs or the stylish ones used to distribute Fusen Japanese chinggum with tatoo……………………Horlicks of elaichi flavour was a must to be added in morning evening milk with cool kids having choclate moltova…..
.The black kali mirch shaped khatta meethaa fataafat chooran was always a pocket freind. ….Poppins with red ,yellow and green goleees were so attractive to buy and we could play trafic signal with it. Then there was rola cola tofee with flavour of coke.
To be rebellious acting of smoking fanttom sweet cigarettes wss so cool.. Bante or kanche ki bottal with masaala was mazedaar and chatpat………………….halls and strpsils were not only throat soothers but poor man s emergency chews.
SANTRA shaped narangi tofeees and black macchlee shaped tofees were non branded but a very juicy chew, …………….Swaad tofee with imli and jaljeera flavour made mouth chilli chilli!……….there were some non branded silver wrapper coconut choclate shaped tofees with tempting and attractive blue and red polka dots.
Maggi instant noodles and Rush cold drinks used to often run contests to go to Disneyland on lucky draw..oh how i collected their bottle caps which had jungle book characters like Mogli………….Coming home in Delhi s scorching heat was only possible with parched lips getting Orrange rasna filled chilled jug in our kelvinator frige with Desert cooler onn and men of house wearing ganjee baniyaans Was so calming. Pan pasand tofee and melody the choclatey were always a treat to be enjoyed. …..
.EATING cracx fixing each in each finger was a game! ROOH AFZA milk and Mohaun corn flakes were dining tables permanent guests!
Gits gulaab jamun could turn an ammeture to professional halwaaee. Then there were street vendors who knew a foodie child lives in this house and often shouted Ganderee lelo ,tikki bread khaalo , gol paapad laaya ,and bhel poori and fulle waala bhaiya..
And pipe waala khatta meethaa chooran was a treat to the tounge.
And there was ice cream of Gaylord, kwality ,milk food, Dollops which used to come in plastic balls for later use! Most snack ran scheem of free toy inside and fascinated us so much. How can I forget gole wala ,amrak waala and imlee waala.
As soon as there were emergency guest running to Samosa and tikki waala with khoya barfee was a treat for ever hungry kids.
Life was a plate of happiness. Does our community want to share their child hood memories…lets write in comments our favorite tofeees, drinks and snack……for all dentists..
..i have always been the most desired Murgee.

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