I have read a lot of comments at different forums on why does the Black lotus app have a break day and is it possible to remove it. I am partially aware of the principles on which the “packs” in the Black Lotus app are built. But I am writing this article more from my perspective on “taking a break”.

Before we start, if you have been binge reading articles on os.me for few hours now, then my request to you is to take a break for some time. If not then let us go ahead and see why I asked you to do so.

You might have read on the art of discipline and how to build it. I cannot emphasize further on the benefits of discipline and routine. But, in my opinion there is one more aspect that needs to be considered and is a key ingredient in building success on the path of discipline; that is taking a break. While the art of building a discipline revolves around following a routine, and following it religiously, without compromise, the benefits of the model of mental exertion and relaxation cannot be undermined.

Let me talk you through how we can make it work based on my personal experience.

For Your Mind – While Starting a new Discipline

The only thing I have understood about the mind so far is it likes automation. Whatever the mind is used to, a routine, a habit, its modus operandi, it will continue to do so effortlessly. The problem comes in when we try change it. It’s very similar to trying to override the “code” for an existing automation system. The experience is very similar to incorporating a “patch code” on a smoothly running software program. There will be few bugs initially, some known and some unexpected results affecting the areas which had no relation to function where the “patch code” was actually added. Very rarely does the patch code give away an output smoothly. It always makes you to go through major part of the program (if not the entire code) to make sure everything goes through smoothly.

Same is the case with the mind, the resistance to build in a new habit throws out “errors” of tantrums, lethargy and procrastination. This is where the challenge of building discipline escalates. The internal fight to avoid the change gets your “processor” running fast and making unnecessary noise (ever heard the CPU fan making that sudden noise zzzzzzzz).

So, shut it down for some time, let it cool down. There is nothing better than pausing for a while. While you relax and focus your attention to something else during the break, try to subtly remind the mind why the previous attempt at changing the routine or building the attempted discipline is important. Don’t overdo it. Just a few gentle reminders, like the pop ups in your computer. Sometimes it takes just one moment of mindfulness to absorb the intent and mind pivots. It does, trust me!

Give your mind timely breaks on your journey towards building discipline and even while maintaining one. These breaks are like the evening pakoras that turn out to be the most satisfying part of your daily diet.

For Your Mind – While in middle of a well-established routine

Do you recall the experience of craving, the anxiety in anticipating something? How many times have we heard sportsmen saying “I just wanted to get out there and perform”? Sometimes when you are waiting in the wings, wanting to get out on the field prepares your body and mind in a more complete manner. A mind that is already in routine supports that “routine behavior”. That is the humongous benefit of having mind by your side. Just like in body building, the break day helps in building the “muscle” to take in more weight on the next day, a break from routine builds in the momentum for wanting to do more next day.

I do this with my writing regime. To be honest, I get most of my ideas on the break day. But I don’t break the rule and rush into writing immediately because I have an idea or topic to pen down. I give my mind the time to sink in the topics, let it recall and observe everything around it. Sometimes if I make the mistake of rushing into writing at that very moment, I fall blank 5-10 mins into the job. That is nothing but falling trap to surge of mind’s craving to go ahead with automation. We need to learn to override this automation with mindfulness.

So, remember on a break day, just do that, take a break, allow your mind to wander around and do things that it likes. You will observe, the mind ends up taking up things that compliment your original routine. That way you end up doing things that only help indirectly your original routine or habit.

For your body

With the work from home culture taking over this year, the toll on body has only increased. Especially on the spinal cord system and eyes. The screen time and chair time takes its toll. So, for activities that I have a routine for, my body surely needs a break. That would be the case with most of you. No matter what routine or habit you have, your body needs a break. It needs to rest from its daily flex. Try nurturing it, pampering it and taking care of it so that it is ready for the next day.

For people around you

Ever observed the happiness of your near and dear one’s when you skip your routine? I have. Especially my 3.5-year-old daughter loves it when I am not doing the things that she usually sees me doing. She finds that as an opportunity to push her agenda and make me play with her and do the things she like. And I support that, and even you should. Here’s a secret why, because the next day she is the first one who would remind me what I need to do and what is it that I generally do as part of my routine in case I decide to procrastinate.

Raju pandit’s friend once called him up and informed about a tournament of mud wrestling that was taking place in their village.

“You have always been asking for a breakthrough opportunity to make money and show your muscle power. The prize money for the winner of this fight is huge enough to take care of your expenses for next 5 years”

“But I can’t participate” replied Raju.

“Are you not well, what’s the matter? I think you should give it a try”

“My Wife is out of the town” murmured Raju in a sad voice.

“So how does that matter” asked his friend

“I feel too calm today to go for a fight, she is the one who brings the beast out of me.”

It is the people around us who contribute in bringing the best out of us. Sometimes overdoing our routine stretches the entire support system around us. So, make sure to balance your routine to use this support system as the catalysts for your success.

Now, if you feel you have read too much of my commentary, take a break and energize your mind, body and family.

Be Grateful, Be Mindful, Be here now!

P.S. If you have not heard about Raju Pandit yet then recommend you to read this blog.