2021 huh!? Is your list of resolutions ready? Quick, quick, we only have a few hours left till the New Year embraces us. Mine is ready! Here it is:

  1. Nothing
  2. Nothing
  3. Nothing

When the year changes, there is always this exceptional hope in everyone’s hearts and eyes. We place a lot of faith in the New Year as if life ‘knows’ that the year is about to change. Please don’t get me wrong. I am as eager for 2021 as everyone, but if we contemplate carefully, is anything really changing? Maybe that’s why our resolutions fail year after year? Because by 3rd January (at most), life becomes normal again and we realise that nothing really changed. It was much ado about nothing. No, no, don’t worry I haven’t turned into a pessimist overnight. Bear with me. 

See, we are all looking forward to 2021, with the hope and excitement that this ‘bad’ year will be behind us soon. Because the unknown is always more appealing than the known. But our tomorrow is as unknown as our next year. Okay, Okay I get it, it so happens that tomorrow is also our next year, but you get my point!

We burden ourselves up so much throughout the year, that by December we cannot wait to shed it all and start afresh. Maybe that’s why we all write resolutions. But I found a secret to life. At the end of the day, nothing matters. All that we are holding onto can be shed. We don’t have to wait for the new year, new life or new month, to change. Year after year I used to look forward to the new year.

Every December I would predict whether it will be a good year and most of the time it was. Some more than others. But then when grace dawns upon us, wisdom also dawns upon us. I then realised that seasons, months, years, days and events are just passing moments. The real bliss is constant because in reality, we remain the same. The movie around us changes and we may very well start arguing with the villain in the movie but when the movie ends, we are still ‘us’.

When we realise what life wants from us, having fun and taking life easy becomes natural. Then, seasons and years really don’t matter. Thereafter, not only do resolutions cease to matter but in fact our life is so absorbed in having fun and taking it easy that there is no time for a list. And sometimes we don’t even realise what day or date it is!

“Life doesn’t live by rules” ~ Om Swami

I am so glad it doesn’t, Swami, because I would end up breaking them:)

My message for 2021 is take it easy! Have you ever had fun? No. Really? Have you ever just forgotten about yourself? Forgotten about the ‘me’, ‘my image’, ‘myself’ and ‘what if I’? Have you ever just joked and let go of everything? Just like when we dance in Divine love? We hold onto nothing at all. Letting go of our existence, losing ourselves and taking it easy … that’s the true bliss. But unfortunately there is a downside to it. Having fun, taking it easy and soaking in divine love makes us vulnerable. But this vulnerability is really just the ego melting away painfully. 

My plea to us all for 2021 is to take it easy, listen to those 90’s classic, daydream, work hard whilst singing and be childlike! Eat that chocolate and stop planning everything. It’s okay if we run out of milk or of salt. It’s okay if someone does better than us. And it’s okay to be sad sometimes. It’s not the end of the world.

Make fun of yourself, life is slipping by, we cannot carry anymore on our shoulders. Hulk is fictional. We are not Hulk. Okay? We don’t have to wait, we can start taking it easy any day. No time like now. We must travel light because jumping with baggage is kinda hard. And it can hurt if we fall;) Shed it and let’s play.It’s possible.

I dare you to make a wish at midnight on 31st December and we’ll see how it turned out in a year!:) Make it a good one though. And here’s the trick, it’s better if you note it down and totally forget about it.

Happy New Year 2021 to you all! Take it easy and make it fun!

So? How do you plan on taking it easy this year? Please do share:)

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