All Glories to my Master, My Guru- Swamij- Sri Hari incarnate and His instruments, as I make sincere attempts to tame this Dragon Mind! 

The other day, I decided to hold my first true dialogue with my mind. Honestly, it kinda felt lame at first as I realized about what I was about to do, but hey I willfully decided to not give myself an option. As it is so common with the mind, too much doubt never leads to results, so I just took the dive.

I wanted to empty my mind because I longed to find the peace and happiness within that everyone seems to talk about. I was tired of feeling like the only one who was lost and constantly trying to seek the happiness which only seemed elusive so far.

So, after many months, almost a year of trying, I was sick and tired of being a slave to my mind.  I took a dive, and sincerely confronted a deep fear which was embedded in my mind. It was causing me unwanted anxiety. Although I also have many other fears, I started with one. One at a time. And I cannot overstate how powerful this exercise is!

Start with the “what if” of your fear. Here is mine:

What If something happened to my children? 

What if they developed a health problem (physical or psychological)? 

Then you sincerely answer the question and feel whatever fear arises. Below is my exercise:

  • First, they will experience symptoms to indicate that there is a problem.
  • They may not be happy with the situation; and depending upon the severity of the problem, it may impact their school, their life, their career, their personality etc.
  • As a parent/mother, I will do what I can, including getting medical help if and as needed. And if treatment or remedies can help, so be it! 
  • Eventually, they will feel better and learn to cope with it.

And then a realization hit me, a brief pause, while talking to my mind. I realized that no matter what, they will learn because life will teach them! And I know and believe that my Swamiji and Sri Hari’s Kripa is on them.

They are going through their lives and He will guide them, He will show them the way.

I have faith that they will move towards good health and happiness and as it is with life, they WILL figure it out!

If they make stupid mistakes, or go through challenges, they will learn from all of that.

I do not have to control everything, and they ARE Sri Hari’s children; so they will be looked after no matter what, regardless of whether I am here with them or not. As a mother, I will do my best, I will do whatever possible, however ultimately they will live, they will survive, and figure it out just like each of us do and even did!

The bottom line of my “What if” exercise was that this is how life works. Life runs its own course and it will keep flowing the way it is supposed to.

So, let’s think about it! What is there to fear, Mind? Well, there is no thinking required! I decided to drop this BS, drop everything as it is all irrelevant, overactive, unnecessary imagination. 

I told my mind- repeatedly:
IT’S GONE!!!! 

It was done and I took a deep breath and smiled.

Now, for the next few days, I will simply keep revisiting whatever I wrote down until it becomes a natural part of me and ingrained in my Being!

Your turn now! Let it Go and SMILE 🙂 

Meanwhile, my next fear is already fearing for its life! Am coming for ya fear! Be’a’ware!!! 

All this was possible with sincere efforts as my Guru held my hand and he bestowed His Grace on me. There is such strength in the Satsang and I am pleased to share my truths here as I brave up to empty and cleanse my mind of all the garbage. Once and for all.

Jai Sri Hari! 

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