Ayurveda clearly states that the stomach is the seat of origin of all ailments in the body. Even modern science seems to agree with this and some time back I came across a quote” You are what you eat”.  The food that we eat can either nourish us or pave way for ailments based on how we eat, what we eat and when we eat.. So digestive fire or the Jatarangi is the one that indicates the state of your health. There is one quote that stayed with me always, here you go- ” Medicine is not healthcare. Food is healthcare. Medicine is sick care. It’s time we see it for what it is!” Ayurveda treatment SOP that is mentioned in our classical texts goes in same order- Nidana Parivarjana( mentioned in my first Ayurveda series), Ahara(Food), Vihara(Lifestyle) and last comes Aoushada( Medicine). I came across few fantabulous posts by our os.me members about Ayurveda and their experience about the same. Here you go-

Eat Coriander. Be Like Coriander.

The author of this post, Rahul Om speaks about Coriander, about its benefits in various forms such as aroma and taste enhancer and about its dosha balancing benefit too. His personal favorite veggie of all times and also its qualities that one can include in our approach to life which also gives that spiritual touch to most commonly used veggie, ” The Coriander”.. Go ahead read the post.

7 Lifestyle Fundamentals That Everyone Should Know

The author of this post, Narendra has beautifully explained about the tridosha effect on our body and mind with respect to time of the day that if followed can yield positive effects on our physical, mental and spiritual development. Every explanation in this post is backed up with tridosha siddhanta and its effects on our biological clock. Find some time and read this post and trust me you will not be dissapointed!


A post by Anu om-

There is another superb post by our os.me member Anu om who has written about Ayurveda with respect to Navadurgas. Explains about presence of Mother Divine in each Medicinal herb as per each day of Navratri w.r.t each of Navadurgas. I loved the post but since my computer skills are poor I couldn’t paste that post link here since it is in Hindi with the heading” Ayurveda” written in Hindi.. Please do yourself a favour and read this post, am sure it will leave you spell bound!! Go check it for yourself.

I hope these posts help you understand Ayurveda in its true form. See you all in next post. Take care:)



Image Credit-pinterest.co.uk