Tantrik is a word most of us have ever feared courtsey horror movies of bolywood and pamphlets coming in news paper of Bengali babas claiming we can achieve every material wealth or win over enemies or even mesmerize our lovers or partners to act according to us! Untill Swamiji explained i too feared the word Tantrik.

But as an 12 year old i got a chance to visit a shady place where a so called Tatrik used to practice his occult! My mom was a working woman and major part of her day was spent at work place ,my dad had shift duties and so to take care of house chores and my grandfather and my food we had a morning to evening house help Amma ,She used to fetch me from bus stop ,give me warm food, wash my uniform and prepare tea for my mom when she came tired at evening from a rigorous duty in public transport! She was a right hand for our family or a spinal chord due to which all functioned smoothly! On one occasions during major Diwali cleaning, it was decided my mom s old trunk carrying her Wedding saarees would be cleaned.Since we lived in a rented house aswell there were very few occasions on which my mom would wear such party heavy Saarees aswelll my ever loving father gifting her 2 latest sarees every anniversary and b.day ,My mom had not touched the trunk since 8 years to check her wedding saarees ,a working woman has no time to do these things usually with major pressure to do daily chores and kids raising diligently! As we opened the trunk( amma ,my mom and excited me ) what we found was just 1 saaree out of 25 aswell one side of trunk locks was broken and we had already misplaced the key of the lock on the trunk s ! My mom was shocked and sad..A woman has special love and feelings for wedding gifts given by her parents and their theft is something i think she remembers till she breaths her last( maya u see) ! As this jolt made all excitement of Diwali dark ,Amma to prove herself innocent and non guilty ( she was the only one at house when all were at their work place) suggested us to visit a Tantrik near her slum! Baba Bengali has answer to everything! My double post graduate and foreign raised working mom was so disturbed on her saree loss that she same day took an auto with me and Amma and went to Madan giri to the Occult patitioner! There were peacock feather fans on the wall and some bones with a skull on a small table with very dim lights quite scarey i must say! A lot of people of not as educated strata were waiting for the Baba who was dressed in surgeons ot coloured Chola and black band on head and arms and a stern look on face with a gray beard and long hair ! He too had a peacock feather fan in his hand! As we were treated on priority, seemingly the litterate ones and Amma being regular visitors there…the Tantrik said …
al l your belongings are with a dark complexioned woman whos name starts with P and has gone to South..Amma smiled being scottfree and from our land lady Paaro ,to neighbor Pummy ,to ironing lady s daughter Pinky and distant cousin Pushpaa were all under our radar never to find the sarees again! Have u had any such experience!

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