“My Success, part of it certainly, is that I have focused in on a few things.” Bill Gates.

Dream that every individual sees, but how many of us just don’t start or if we start we start late, or the most common issue is that we start but do we reach the end?

If we study the lives of successful people and here we are talking about those who are self-made, one thing is in common and that is when they start they don’t give up till the time they achieve, and another thing is that they are consistent on the same thing and are least distracted.

Life gives a number of chances that can be en-cashed, and these are given to each one of us, but seldom we are able to recognize these, leaving aside that we take the best out of it.

Life can be tough and strange sometimes as things do not always go as we plan, and a lot of problems are there in between. Now let’s take up some points from the lives of successful people and try to find what is common among those.

1. Age is just a number

When someone says that the bus has passed and now we can’t take the risk of leaving the comfortable life that we are living and start exploring options. If you are the one who has this mindset please don’t think of starting a business. The truth is that age is just a number, and it is all in the mind.

2. They do the homework

When one plans to start a business they do the homework first, they check the odds and they work on if they would succeed. If you are a management student always remember there is a SWOT/SWOC analysis of every situation in business.

3. The idea is novel

Got this from the book Zero to One. The idea you plan to work on should be unique and novel as Microsoft and Facebook have already been made and if you are trying to make one more Microsoft or Facebook you know you won’t survive. Try a 30-second video and maybe they are more informative and catch the eye of the customer.

4. They know what they are doing (it’s their love)

If you are in love with your work and you live to do the same work every day for the rest of your life then you are made for that work. If you are not happy with what you are doing then for sure it is not what you are made for, and you need to change your course of action and try to find your area of choice and work towards it.

5. They are ready to take the risk

What is the cost you are ready to pay for what you are planning to do and if you are ready to go an extra mile for the same then it is great. If you are ready to take risks and work your heart out for that then you are bound to taste success.

6. They know that not all goes as planned as they are ready for hick-ups

It is not always that you taste success, sometimes you need to face failure also and if you are ready to face those failures then nothing can stop you. If you are ready to take the storm in your face then nothing can stop you, as it is always said that the one who can have a sound sleep in a massive stroke that person is well prepared for life.

7. Not all are born with the silver spoon

If you have an excuse that one is born with a silver spoon in their mouth then just go and read history you won’t find the riches of the past decade or their families now, you won’t find the biggest big shots of past centuries to be around with the same repute. This is just an excuse if you are truly focused, and your dream is as true as water then nothing can stop you the only thing you have to do is take the first step.

8. They don’t stop till they achieve

This is the most important part, you need to be mindful, consistent and full of faith and attitude that you can do it and you will make your way to the top.

So, just buckle up and start till you reach your target.