This write up is dedicated to my Guru..

Life has mysterious ways of fulfilling everybody’s desire at most unexpected moment
I never knew, a person like me so unworthy would ever deserve the love and grace of Guru, the most treasured bestowment

I was led to you slowly and steadily yet unknowingly, the cosmic event was unfolding
I stumbled upon your talks about Mother Divine, when I was still unsure of me spiritually surrendering

There were quiet a number of days that I found myself trying to find a excuse to not accept this inclination to Divine
Yet the love and divinity that radiated through you, allowed me to re align my thoughts and let it refine

My heart knew even before me, that you are to be my Guru, guide and saviour for this lifetime
and may be more lifetimes to come
Me seeking for a Guru ended with you and am very grateful and indebted to all forces who guided me to you, while finding a Guru is still a dream to some

Am a novice, insignificant and most undeserving person to have been showered by your Divine Grace
Please allow me to serve you sincerely with all my heart and untangle myself from all the unwanted baggage that Ive been carrying in this life race

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