“You say you are not happy?”

“Yes I am not!”

“Then do things that make you happy”

“But I can’t!”

“Who is stopping you?”

“He, she, this, that,  …!”

“And they make you angry?”

“Anytime! They do!”

“So are you their slave?”

“No I am certainly not!”

“But your emotion is”

“How is that so?!”

“He did something, she did scold,

That thing broke off, coffee got cold,

What is this and what is that

That chains ur emotions tight and flat.”

“I think … You may be right! My emotion moves according to others’ actions. I should be the admin of my emotion. What to do?”

“Take in charge of your mind

Come out of that fight-or-flight.

Master your mind don’t plaster your thoughts

Create your world with beautiful plots.”

“I see! So I am the creator of my sorrow!

That means I am creative! And since I am creative can I create bliss too?!!”

“Yes dear, you certainly can.”


“Can you trust Me?”

“I do Mother!”

“Then hold my hand, walk my path

Come close to me, feel my warmth.

I show you a world you never seen before

I let you create the rest for sure.

You paint the canvas the way you want

Love thyself, and Me in your heart.

Remember Me all day and night

I am the One of you never lose sight.

Recognize Shakti, obliterate Maya

You’ll be free from shackles of Karma.

O’ my child I loved you forever

Don’t run away, just come little closer.

Don’t pull the strings of your past

They melt in Love pure in your heart.

What you see around is nothing but Me

It’s Me in your heart and you in Me.

Quieten your mind to hear Me sing

Bliss you then feel in every being.”

“O’ Mother! I am speechless now! The world is real, all beings are real only if they are all You, the all pervading primordial energy, the Shakti which is again One with Brahma. O’ Mother, please show me the path to this realization, give me strength to persistently tread that path. When will that time come? Time seems eternity.
I’ll listen you sing and sleep tonight in your lap, every sound is yours, every place is your lap!”


Somebody once said to Sri Ramakrishna: “We do not have time to pray to God.”

Sri Ramakrishna (with a smile): “That is true. Nothing comes to pass except at the right time. Going to bed, a child said to his mother, ‘Mother, please wake me up when I feel the call of nature.’ ‘My son,’ said the mother, ‘that urge itself will wake you up. I don’t have to wake you.’

🙏🙏 Jai Maa Kaali 🙏🙏