As my parent approved my future plans with Bharat and we were just talking ,an unexpected house bell rang! My mom opened the door to see Tato baba ( the name is funny but he was a God man from Orissa) , My Bua ( father s sister) and her Husband were very enterprising and ambitious people and to increase there contacts and socialise more with who s who of Delhi had started visiting a paush Delhi temple which was in basement on New freind s colony ! It was a Devi temple with Tato Baba managing all rituals and morning evening Aartees there! High class people financialy and socially used to visit that Temple . Tato baba had named it
… Sarveshwari peeth ,My parents were too modern and logical to follow any human being as a God man, but to please my Phoopha( father s sister s husband) we as a family had gone to the temple a couple of times when my Bua and Phoopha had organized lunches to celebrate their promotions or son s passing class 12( as Swamiji says these places r more of a social set up with no religious centiments and bhaav) .Since when my parents had decided to put my matrimonial add in news paper ,they had consulted and informed my buaa and phoopha too , They in turn informed Tatto baba if he knew some affluent family who were looking for a match for their son! So as Tatto baba came unannounced to our house with a maroon jeans wearing speky boy along ,we all were a little inquisitive, shocked and blank at same time, that time our land line rang and my bua informed..'”.I have given your adress to Tato baba ,he is coming with Bihar s irrigation minister s only son Dushyant and they ll most probably finalize Nanu as his match…please entertain them nicely!”She dint hear a single word from my father who was on other side of the call just answerig..
hmm as Tato baba and Dushyant were already at our place! My father dint even get time to brief us but looked not too comfortable, till then my mom started frying paneer pakoras for the guest and making tea ,and as a respect for his age and the pedestrial at which my bua and phoohha held them i sat listening to Tato baba who introduced me to Dushyant and told me he is an mba from the U.s and has a big empire in Sitamanee district Bihar ,aswell was staying in Bihar bhawan! Dushyant i don’t remember if spoke a word too,but kept pressing Tato baba s legs every 5 minutes , he scanned our house and me though! As my mom called me to help her in taking the tray of khoya barfee,tea filled cups and chaat masaala sprinkled crisp paneer pakoras with green chutney to the guest ,unexpectedly my dad came to the kitchen and whispered what my bua had called for! I was quite angry with bua on this ,but right now it was time to entertain the guest who had brought white Rajnigandha flower bouquet with them .As we served them ,Tato baba said to Dushyant..” Beta ,Kanya ko vo khandani haar ddo aur rishta Pakka karro! Dushyant like a dumb grinning lamb took out a maroon velvet jewlery box from his leather folder ( the type indian netas and their families carry) and was about to open the box and present me something which with out only seeing i folded my hands to Tatto baba and said…”Baba soon i ll visit the temple and take Maa s blessing for i have finalized my life parner”, Tatto bababa was taken a back and looked at my Grand father loudly announcing.”..i had told Dushyant s family you are a cultured family with and educated and pretty daughter who ll help them manage their empire ,Nanu seems to be in ignorance and arrogance right now ,u guide her “, to my trust and faith…my grand father too said ,We only take her life desicions with her wish, we r sorry with folded hands Baba! Tato baba dint wait a minute and went realy angry from our house…all this unfolded till it was dinner time aswell i had had no time to page Bharat , still i messaged him to call on our land line…
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