Krishna is there any human on this earth,who has not fallen in love with you?

Take me,you very well know I always tried my best to keep myself away from you.

I failed to realise that you are my Shiva, my Divine mother and you are my love

How stupid I was to think to not to fall in love with you and see my madness now!

However, the more I tried going away from you, you pulled me back even harder.

You have always been gentle in breaking my ego,each time that it tried be stronger.

Am an ignorant human and can no way match Meera or Radha, in the way they loved you.

But I would like to love you my own way, that makes me feel that am always around you.

Krishna, I know that am one undeserving human who stands no chance of getting a glimpse of you in this lifetime

Yet a little voice in corner of my heart whispers”may be some time”!

 Krishna if any day my prayers reach you and you find yourself before me,

Please make sure that you take me with you, all I need is just you and me.

Krishna, do not ever let me loose the sight of you, in my life

Honestly nobody else can truly be the love of my life.:)

Krishna,you are the supreme Guru of this Brahmanda, the one without a second.

You are the parabrahma that I can never behold with my panchajnanendriyas

Every atom of this universe is your creation, from sukshma to sthoola, chara to achara and nitya to anitya.

You are the panchamahabhoota without whom this universe or its creatures would cease to exist.

You are the trigunas,trinetra and trilokya

You are the tridosha, saptadhatus and shadrasas

You are the Vaishwanara in all living beings

You are that sarvottama prana that every creature on this planet sustain.