Teachers can also help in making a nation peaceful like we have seen in the case of Iceland. Iceland has been the most peaceful country in the world since 2008 according to The Global Peace Index. It’s because of the fact that Iceland does not have a standing army and even the police is unarmed there. But i feel that the main reason of Iceland being the most peaceful country is because there is no class system in Iceland. Children of rich people and even poor people go to the same schools there. Teachers teach these students that they are equal and that every kid is unique. Due to this sense of equality that is infused by teachers in people from a young age; the crime rates are also very low in Iceland. That’s why Iceland is the most peaceful nation in the whole world.

India’s caste system has been so deep that we can see its roots in this modern era as well. Indian teachers can contribute in making our nation more peaceful by teaching the values of equality, brotherhood and harmony to their students. 

So, to conclude this article series; i want to say that the teachers have the most amazing opportunity of teaching children that are inherently pure, pious and honest. Teachers can mold them in a beautiful way and enhance their natural capabilities, skills and talents. This is how teachers can make a nation more powerful, prosperous and peaceful by working on its foundation- The Children!

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