A teacher can also help the economically weaker section of the society by educating their kids and moving them out of poverty eventually. Like we have seen in the case of Anand Kumar. He is a Patna based teacher who himself was very poor and studied in a hindi medium school but he was very good in maths. He studied mathematics intensely and did Bachelors in Science. He was also granted admission in a University based in England but he couldn’t join it because of poverty. So, he started giving coaching in mathematics to students in his own coaching centre by taking a room on rent. After some years of teaching, a student came to him who was poor and couldn’t afford his coaching’s fees. But he was a really bright student and Anand Kumar wanted to help him. He got an idea to help such deserving students who were poor by giving free education to them. He named this program Super 30. In this program, 30 students are selected out of hundreds of students on the basis of an eligibility test. These selected students are then given free education, free accommodation and even free meals. Most of these students have cracked national entrance exams of IITs and have made their parents and Anand Kumar proud. Anand Kumar is truly an inspiration! Many people can learn from him and help meritorious students who come from the  economically weaker sections of the society.

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