A nation becomes powerful if it have powerful people be it in terms of businesses, politicians, industries and armed forces. People become powerful when they are educated in skills, communication, technology and innovation. Teachers educate their students in all these fields of education and thus make them powerful. To make any country powerful; it’s foundation or the bedrock of that nation needs to be strong for that. Any nation’s foundation is its coming generation. So, it’s a teacher’s responsibility to infuse in their students a sense of self respect, confidence, mental toughness and skills so that they become mentally strong. That’s why a nation like America is so powerful because the students there are infused with this mindset from the childhood itself. India’s teachers should learn a thing or two about teaching from American teachers as if a few centuries old American civilization can feel pride in themselves. Then, India can also feel pride in our millenniums old nation with such a rich history and diverse culture. We can easily make our country powerful if we just remind our students about our glorious past and only teachers can do that.

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