Teamwork is the key to success. I have a chance to work in team with my school friends in an school activity where we have to present a drama based on a chapter in our book. I thought I will share with you all what I felt about it.

A few days back, I got a school activity in which we have to do a role play based on a chapter named as Hanuman and I. As the chapter is based on Ramayana but we all find it very interesting. What we have to do is to divide each character role among our team of eight. As we were proceeding in our roles each one have to make a video and combine it into one. So, here I would like to share with you that how my writing on helped me not only in writing but presenting things as well. This has infused confidence in me and also that my team trusted on my advice.

Here, we all done so well in the role play. I just love the emotions and movement of one of the teammate in our group. Her narration was so beautiful in the play and she delivered every dialogue nicely. My all friends trusted on me and said veer writes story on so he can tell us better and they also helped and gave me a chance to edit a video. They trusted on me because when I send the stories to ma’am, she will appreciate me and send the my stories in our class group. Some of my ma’am some times ask me to recite a story which I write on during class. It feels me with confidence and gratitude to Swami for blessing us with

So, everybody asked me to edit the video and that time I also learnt how to edit a video as I already have some experience of it. I tried to edit the video many times and after attempting 6 or 7, it got completed. Finally, I shared it with all and submitted our role play to ma’am. Sitting far away from me my friends helped me a lot by giving the suggestions and helping me to make the video better. Also, discussed with each other how should we all complete it nicely. We all worked together and our hard work paid us appreciation from ma’am.


I got to know that if you work in a team and we can make the presentation of work better by the suggestions given by a team members. So always work in a team to do the work better and beautiful.

Jai Sri Hari

Keep Smiling