Jai Shree Hari Swamiji! After a very long time, I tried singing  and enjoying it again, only for and because of YOU! 

Gratitude for all that You have given all of us, and thanks for only and only giving. Thanks for leaving everything behind and walking this incredible and mystical path, for the betterment of this world, for us…. In return we can only offer love to compensate (a small bit). I offer lots of love, tears of joy, affection, respect and gratitude in Your holy feet, on Your birthday. Today, I pray to You, request You to smile for us, to take care of YOUR own self for us, you are  our life-line Swamiji! If this song brings a little smile on Your lips, it will be a big achievement for me. Thanks for giving me this strength Swamiji! Pranam.

Mera Jeevan Teri Sharan: My life is surrendered to you..

Original Song sung by Jagjit Singh.

YouTube video