The exponential growth of human race has been punctuated by a series of technological breakthroughs. Over the last few decades we have seen how technology has been used to disrupt the status quo in many aspects of humanity. Some of these disruptions have helped to improve the existing methods while some have opened up new avenues never thought about.

If we take example of education, in the last decade, internet based technology solutions have made knowledge transfer very easy, interactive and engaging. Universities across the globe are now accessible to a remote village in countries like India providing an equal opportunity to everyone and anyone to learn and grow from the best teachers in the world. 

It has allowed the contemporary subjects and methods to be exposed to new set of brains who in turn will take forward the baton and come up with break through researches and take it to the next level.

Some of the niche skills and art based knowledge have also found a lifeline enabling them to thrive. 

One area that has been a worry for the past few centuries in India is the transfer of Vedic knowledge and practices from generation to generation. The percentage of practitioners of Vedic philosophy and learnings has been going down steeply.

Very few have been able to use technology to keep the fire burning (literally).

The Sadhana app from Vedic Sadhana Foundation is a platform that has enabled a new set of students to learn ancient practice and live the essence of the Vedas on mobile platforms.

And it is not just the niche domain of the content that makes this platform outstanding. The seamless user experience, contemporary graphic design built by world class developers, and its ability to mix live sessions with interactive features makes it a true winner as a product.

The decentralization of knowledge has to happen so that more and more people take up the practices and keep the flag flying high

What makes it very valuable and impactful is the timing and importance in today’s context. Vedic tradition is fading away at a blitz pace. It will require even bigger flux from all directions to revive and save the practices of Sanatana Dharma.

Sadhana app has helped me a lot in decluttering my own method of daily practice. On the top of it I now have a platform to learn something as important as fire offerings which I am really attached to.

And Why should we even bother doing all these? May be a topic for another day. For now #LetsDoSadhana


Jai Shri Hari