I wish I could be like Teju, Wally and Dabbu! No care in the world, no job, no family, no excessive attachments, no hatred, no anger, nothing. 

Just absolute laser focus on their goals – A full belly and walk near Giri Ganga! 🙂

I wish I could be like Teju – Always walk behind my Guru and follow Him constantly and unfailingly.  Be absolutely shameless in demanding the belly rubs from Him! Again and again ! 

I wish I could be like Wally – Be naughty and jump around, run ahead of Him with complete abandon, all the while knowing He is always nearby and will not let anyone hurt him. 

I wish I could be like Dabbu – Just like he sneaks into the ashram, I sneak into His abode and fall on His lotus feet and never ever leave ! 😀 

-Dedicated to Divine Mother and His lotus Feet,

Your ignorant fool