Since Swamiji mentioned doing bye bye like tele tubbies in latest zoom meeting aswelll Sushreeji mentioning her Darling dad gifted her a purpule velvet gift box with Telly tubies as a memorable gift aswell my watching Telly tubbies with my kids on C bebies channel ,lots of nostalgic moments flashed my memory! I used to watch this full of colours show with my daughter and wished if i have another child he /she should be like the sun baby in the show and yes my Son s face exactly resembled that baby …though i dint remember it that time( too hassled cleaning and feeding him) ,but now i do remember! So for those who have watched Telly tubbies do add in your inputs in comments, but those who didn’t watch it as often or never ,here are some interesting facts courtesy baba Googlaanath…The show was launched in 1997 targeted for pre schoolers of age 2 to 3 years ! It is shooted in a farm with a earth house where Telly tubbies live ,all tele tubbies have an antena on head of different shape and a t.v.on their stomach, they have a Vaccum cleaner named noo noo and around the farm yard big brown rabbits aswell a wind mill to which they pray!There are voice trumpets which appear from underneath the farm and give instructions to the 4 Telly tubbies! There is the purple costumed Tinky winky with a triangle antena on head, there is Dipsy who is a little stubborn not doing group activities and is flourocent green in colour ,There is most chirpy Lala which is yellow in colours ,dancing ,singing and hopping and there is Po the red teletubby which is shortest and youngest! Tele tubbies speak to each other in gibberish language and usualy t.v
Shows on there stomach t.v give some farm or animal knowledge to little pre schoolers but i dont know wether its my intellect or my inner child which enjoys Teletubby each time i watch it! The characters are all actually all 6ft plus bele dancers in real life! Do share your experiences with Telly tubbies!

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