1. Firstly, it’s important to understand that what God means to you. You believe in god, I hear that. But it’s okay if you can’t feel his omnipresence everywhere yet. Have the belief that you’ll be able to, very soon.

2. For me, God does not exist only in my altar of worship, he exists everywhere and in everything we see around, including ourselves. We are an extension or manifestation of him. So, when I see another being, I try my best to see my god in it and that makes me more compassionate.

3. In this ever changing world, he is the only constant. So whenever you are in a dilemma, try talking to him. He will provide you with answers sooner or later. But the only condition is, you should have absolute faith because you can’t get answers from something that you don’t believe exists.

4. Pick up a mantra, any mantra and recite it daily after a bath( find list of mantras in Sanskrit). For the last three and a half years I have been continuously following it without a break. The only time I skipped it was the day I had suffered a great loss and couldn’t sense time.

5. A Mantra slowly makes your connection with him. It doesn’t have to be a lot of chanting, just 11 times a day would work. You’ll notice the change in the intensity of your faith after doing it for sometime.

6. Believe in the knowledge of the Universe. When you actually start to feel it that we all are here for a very short span of time and there is a bigger meaning to life, mother nature will automatically arrange everything needed to take you to the truth. She has everything arranged for you even now, she’s just waiting for you to go to her.

7. Only and only by her grace and her wish, you develop this sharp willingness to discover and uncover the mysteries of the universe. And when you start feeling it, nothing will ever be enough for you except truth alone.

8. Have you ever looked through a microscope at microorganisms? That’s how we are in this infinite cosmos. Tiny beings that come and go within a blink of an eye. Have the courage to question your existence. Have the courage to know that you are infinite.

9. The experience of truth baffles me, because it cannot be explained or transferred. It can only be felt. And the world still looks exactly the same, what changes is your perspective. It’s similar to knowing that table is afterall wood itself. Waves are not a separate entity but water itself. Jewellery is nothing but gold. Once you see it, you’ll never see the jewelry anymore, you’ll only see the gold. You cannot unsee it then.

10. While listening to Anu maa’s tripura rahasya ( highly recommended, she’s phenomenal) I pin pointed another major aspect to keep knowing things. And that is, to accept that I don’t know anything in the first place.

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