Sadhna app the much awaited Sanatan dharam revival mobile interface on which crores ( I don’t know English counting) have been spent  needs Our collective responsibility for financially contribute to our maximum towards it.Swamiji has been extremely compassionate by keeping this app free of cost on Mobile app store so that no one because of financial constraints would be denied of its benefits! On Maha Shivratri when it is available due to relentless and exemplary efforts of Team Saadhna ,we should all give them a warm welcome by doing our bit too. Now to my story ,since I am a house wife having no separate single bank accounts aswell an extremely logical and least saint believing religious family who really take extremely good care of me with all facilities and needs ,how but I could contribute to team Sadhna??? I have always been offered what ever family earnings are for daily house expenses aswell clothes ,tuition fees ,petrol or even small get togethers or pizza parties but I have no personal money atall.I don’t feel like need to have it too as I never feel deprived of any desire being unfulfilled. Its only for buying courses as devi bhagwat, gayatri sadhna or paying for black lotus subscriptions or Contributions for Sadhna that I get stuck  ,with no online methods to pay that I have, all family home due to covid restrictions and going to bank as tough to deposit in some account of ashram .But our Swamiji has a solution to one and all.He introduced Karma earnings and made me earn more than a lakh rupees through support ,karma points and interactions. NOW comes Swamiji s damroo…which he plays and we dance  jump and sing ,An extremely loving co devotee and my Brother ( Akshay Iyyer,) helped me with all the process of taking earning in his account and then transferring it to Sadhna app on my behalf! What more can I say.

Tera tujhko arpan..

  1. Kyaa laage Mera???