Thank you everyone for liking my first post.

Mummy read out your comments to me. I loved all the comments. Rashmi aunty i got your hug. 

I want to tell Komal aunty that I love any kind of cake but it should be tasty. I love to study. I love to watch TV as well.

You know I wanted to open my very own YouTube channel but my mummy said that it is better to write than speak. That’s why mummy asked me to write here.

 Meera aunty I will invite you on my birthday.

I love reading story books. I have read peppa pig series, Lord Shiva, Goddess Durga, Goddess Kali, Lord Ganesh, Lord Krishna, Lord Hanuman, Devi Saraswati, Balrama and Guru Nanak.

I love my parents a lot and I thank god for giving me good parents.

I have learnt the morning gratitude lotus from my mother and I do it every day.

I also have very lovely toys. I take care of my toys like cute babies.

I cannot type so much so I have asked my mother to do it for me. Also my fingers are small and I do not know much how to work on laptop. I will start typing fast when I will be more than 7  or 8 years.

I will think of writing something more.

Abhi Bye Bye

PS: I do not understand about membership but mommy told me that one of her friend, Anu Jain Aunty, has gifted me an annual membership. Thank you aunty

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