Thank you for making me gentle! 1

I never prayed or wished for any materialistic thing in life and after meeting SwamiJi also I prayed to him to make me a better human being.I prayed everyday to be able to absorb all the virtues my spiritual mentor keeps instilling in all his beloved followers. As he says that after becoming spiritual one has nothing else but only love to spread and it makes one more empathetic and sensitive to others pain.

My only prayer to the universe was also to improve me as a person on daily basis for which a spiritual mentor manifested in my life in the form of SwamiJi for which I am truly grateful. He listens to my small small prayers and answers them with time. Me and my sister have a 12 year age gap so we never had the same interests as both of us were on different stages of life in the past. Although she developed some bad life style choices I was never bothered by that but one day she was smoking in her room and I just told her to close the door of her room as the smell of the cigarette was unbearable for me and as a reply to it she pushed me and slammed the door on my face. After this my normal reaction would have been to shout at her but I just movd back and went to my mom’s room and told her that this is unappropriate behaviour while I was talking to mom my sister came from behind and hit me hard on my face, I was taken aback, but did not respond. I felt a change in my consciousness and felt bad for her that she might be really irritated or frustrated about something due to which she chose to be physically violent at a non provocative action of mine.I feel blessed that I could control my emotions and not respond back in the same violent way.

This change in my behaviour is a big achievement for me and I feel all my prayers to become a better soul have been answered and I am on the right track of progress.If a person is not able to chant or meditate regularly but is able to imrove his conduct morally and with society I think that is equivalent to progressing on the spiritual parth as spirituality also emphasises on self improvement and purification.

I think we all have been blessed to have SwamiJi in our life who is no less than the ever wish fullfilling magic lamp who grants our wishes when the time is right for us.Thousand salutations in the divine feet of my mentor.

Jai Gurudev !

Charan Sparsh !

Sukriti Jain