[ few lines penned by my daughter, Siddhani, for Swamiji]

YOUR Patience is the reason behind my understanding..

YOUR Heart is the reason behind my kindness..

YOUR Smile is the reason behind my joy..

YOUR Hand is the reason behind my blissful life..

YOU keep me under YOUR guiding shade

Making sure  I never fade..

YOU spend YOUR precious time with me

that has helped me to soar free..

YOU clear every doubt of mine

and that too in the nick of time..

Everytime I feel YOUR essence

That very time I feel YOUR presence..

Thinking about YOU in my mind’s Gym

With YOUR Grace I shall unlock the secret behind the holy hymn..

YOU are my Mother and YOU are my Guide

YOU are always by my side..

It doesn’t matter how far and away

Wherever I am, YOUR Grace finds its way..

Like light of the Sun, YOU brighten my day

And that brings me joy, day after day..

Thank YOU Swamiji for YOUR Love and Care..

Thank YOU  Swamiji  for YOUR Love and Care..

Jai Sri Hari!

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