15th March 2021:I was talking with Swamiji in my mind (about I am such a nonsense person,I don’t deserve anything,I lie so many times not even honest , maya (illusion) is so strong,what if I forget God doing such mundane work etc etc).

16th March 2021:I woke up a little late and after drinking water opened cellphone to start my exercise regimen. Whoo there was a mail from os.me

“Dear Ankita,

I read somewhere, “What if money never existed? Would you still be doing what you do for a living?” So often, money comes in the way of pursuing or achieving our dreams. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way and nothing sets you free like wisdom. It is always the first step: to know what you want to do with your life and then having the wisdom to act on it at the right time. 

Well, you’ve certainly made the leap and I do hope that my scribbles help you look at life from a new perspective and that you go on and do beautiful things with your blessed life. 

Thank you for making a purchase at os.me, here are the relevant details of your membership.

Type of membership: Individual 12-Month Membership

Amount: INR0

I hope you make the most of your membership. 

With love and gratitude,

Om Swami “

Now anyone didn’t knew I didn’t had  a membership (although I scribbled about it a little in one of my post but then I edited it although there was one person’s comment as I didn’t had the membership I don’t know who it was.)

And the person who gifted the membership liked to stay anonymous. I don’t know who that person is. But I hope you are reading this and thank you so much.A big thanks and may God give you  pure divine love and may the whole cosmos be showered with God’s love.

And what to say of Swamiji he has some mysterious ways of working. I am not surprised he can do such miracles but I am surprised with why with such an insignificant creature like me.One line comes to mind from Beghad Ramza Dasadat thinking of Swami” je khuda oh nahi te juda vi nahi”(If he isn’t god himself, then he isn’t different from god either.)

Thank you to all the members os.me community I am grateful for the love you have showered in the comments on such a insignificant creature. I thought that night it’s quite impossible to walk on the path of self realisation in this age but looking at this beautiful community I am very hopeful. May God give you strength to walk in your path of self discovery.

Thank you again to the person who gifted the membership can’t thank you enough.

Thank you infinite times and once more.

May the Lord of the world be always in our heart with all of us wherever our karma takes us.

Happy Wednesday

Jay Shri Radhe Shyam

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