It was Chandrika Mam’s(Chandrika Shubham Saini Ji’s) birthday in December last year. She wrote a lovely post about it and i wished her. She then very kindly asked me whether i will read her favorite book if she gifted me. Her favorite book was ‘Om Swami: As We Know Him’ written by Ismita Tandon Ji(now, Sadhvi Vrinda Om Ji) and Swami Vidyananda Om Ji. I said to Chandrika Mam that of course, i will read it. Infact, i haven’t read that book till now and haven’t even purchased it. So, Chandrika Mam very compassionately gifted me this amazing book. She is the only person whom i had the honour of knowing; who gives gifts to other people on her birthday instead of receiving them. Chandrika Mam is so kind, compassionate, empathetic and supportive that sometimes i feel that she is an angel sent by Swami Ji himself to bless me.

Moreover, she felt that my little brother Karan(who is preparing for his 12th boards, 2nd term exams right now) must feel left out. As Chandrika Mam supported me with a huge amount of money (as support) earlier and now she was gifting me this beautiful book. So, Chandrika Mam gifted my little brother ‘ The Adventures Of Feluda’ written by Satyajit Ray Ji. She gifted him 2 volumes of it. When we received the books in December 2021, i was really grateful to Chandrika Mam. My brother was also very grateful and he was also surprised because both the volumes are so thick. He said to me jokingly that if he start reading these books today, then he might be  able to read it completely only when he gets in college( in the second half of 2022). I really laughed at Karan’s joke at that time.

I was planning to write this article in December 2021 itself. But, i couldn’t write it as my exams were going to start. Another reason was; #TheWriteChoice Challenge came up at that time. I didn’t wanted to write one of the most special posts (written by me) in that writing challenge (which gets the whole family in front of each other competitively and everyone is trying to beat one another). So, i didn’t wrote it then. Instead i wrote some article series at that time without attaching even the cover images with those articles. Moreover, i also muted the comments so that i can fully focus on my writing and not commenting. I also want to apologize to my whole family for doing that. I am sorry if i hurt somebody by doing that. My exams also got postponed at that time and i am giving my exams right now. I had planned to write this article along with a book review post on Swami Ji’s book that Chandrika Mam gifted me. That’s why i first read that amazing book and i am writing this article now. I will write the book review on Swami Ji’s book tomorrow as a very belated birthday gift for my Dearest Chandrika Mam. I also want to say sorry to Chandrika Mam for writing these posts so late. I know that my kind teacher will forgive her writing student. 

Just 2 days back, Chandrika Mam also gifted me the virtual course ‘Walk The Dragon’ that she won in #TheWriteChoice Challenge. Moreover, she very kindly said to me that she will also provide me any book that is needed to complete the course. We all know that Swami Ji has made this efficient course in such a way that we have to read a book or 2 books in a week to progress in this course. I am so humbled by Chandrika Mam’s kind deeds for me that sometimes i feel that even if i deserve such compassion or not. I am really thankful to Chandrika Mam for doing so much for a nobody like me. Thanks a lot for being in my life and also for being so kind to me, Dearest Chandrika Mam! I will forever be grateful to you, Dearest Chandrika Mam!

P.s. Thanks a lot dear family member for reading my 100th post. It’s because of your support that i am able to make a century of articles on our fabulous website. On this occasion, I want to express my gratitude to Swami Ji for opening his personal playground ( for us and also for everything that Swami Ji has done for us. All Glories To Swami Ji!