In this article, i want to tell all of my family members about an angel. This angel came into my life and helped me so kindly that it truly overwhelmed me. This angel’s name is Chandrika Shubham Saini Ji. Some time back, i just congratulated her on coming second in #TheWriteChoice Challenge. Although, for me she is a clear winner for that challenge. Because she posted original articles and that too which she wrote in those 5 days during which the challenge was going on. Let me tell you that she is a published author and has written 3 books till now. She has also written more than 900 articles and more than 450 articles(written by her) has length which exceeds 150 words. That means she could have easily re-posted those articles for that challenge. If she had done that then she would have come first with a humongous margin. But still, Chandrika Ji being a professional and honest writer; didn’t do it. She tried to maintain the sanctity and sacredness of the competition by posting original articles which were written by her only in that time frame. That’s what touched me and i congratulated her for the same. She also donated her prizes that she won to fellow family members with so much compassion and kindness. Her professionalism, kindness and compassion inspired me to write a beautiful comment to congratulate her. Little did i knew that a comment by this nobody (named Kunal), would touch her so much that she would want to gift me a course from this website ( I humbly and gratefully declined it because i felt that it will be too much. Then, Chandrika Ji showed me her divine, angelic and kind side by supporting me with Rs. 21,000. When i saw my dashboard of earnings on yesterday; i got numb, confused and shooked from inside. I couldn’t comprehend what just happened with me. I called my younger brother and asked him that whether it is Rs. 2,100 or Rs. 21,000. He told me that it is indeed Rs. 21,000. I chocked a bit, my eyes got moist and a very strong emotion of gratitude (that has not happened before in my life with that much intensity) filled my heart. I was so much flattered, shocked and was so pleasantly surprised by Chandrika Ji’s kind deed, that i could not do anything from evening till night. All i was doing was thanking her in my heart. I was only thinking about her kind deed and i also questioned myself that how can someone be so kind, compassionate and supporting towards a stranger. My parents and my brother were also so happy for me and they were also spellbound by Chandrika Ji’s kind deed. They were also very thankful to Chandrika Ji for what she has done for me. I wish that i can also help someone like Chandrika Ji helped me, when i get financially independent in the future. 

Dear Chandrika Ji, if you are reading this article; then i want to express my gratitude to you. I want to thankyou a million times for the kind deed that you have done for a nobody like me. I am still getting teary eyed while writing my thanks to you. I wish that i can meet you soon and thank you in person, by touching your lotus feet. You came like an angel (sent by God and Swami Ji) in my life and showed me the power of kindness, compassion and hope. I hope that i can be like you because you are such a kind, helping and compassionate person along with being a professional, fabulous and experienced writer. I will forever be grateful to you for the rest of my life. From now on, you are my Teacher and Mentor in life and in my writing career.Please accept me as your student, Dear Chandrika Ji. 

I also want to express my gratitude towards our beloved Om Swami Ji. It’s because of his grace that all of this happened. In my last article about father’s day, i told my family about my father’s declining business. I wished that Swami Ji read it and heal my father. Now, Swami Ji showered his grace on me by sending his Bhakt; Chandrika Ji who helped me with so much money. I had only read the stories of Swami Ji’s grace but now i have experienced it myself. Please accept my thanks, Swami Ji for changing my life for the better. Please also accept my million obeisance at your Divine Lotus Feet, Dear Swami Ji.

I also want to thank Sushree Diya Om Ji for always supporting me through her comments on all of my articles. On my last article as well, she commented beautifully and told me to have faith in Swami Ji. She told me that Swami Ji will read my article and he will heal my father.She also prayed for me and my family. I am really grateful to you, Sushree Diya Ji for being so kind, compassionate and supporting. Please accept my humble obeisance to you. 

Dear reader and my fellow family member, i want to thankyou for reading this article; written by a nobody(like me) and thankyou also for reading it with so much patience, commitment and compassion. I want to request you humbly to please follow Chandrika Ji and read her articles and also comment on them beautifully. Because she is such an experienced, terrific and professional writer but still she has only 6 followers. I feel that upcoming writers(like me) can learn a lot from her fabulous writings. Thankyou once again for reading and giving your precious time, i really appreciate it.

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