I am very hungry right now, so I’ll just write a post about food and life while my junk food cooks. Got to be truthful, right?

Imagine you walk into a restaurant that offers all-you-can-eat buffets. You pay a certain amount, let’s say $20 per person and you can eat however much you want while you are there. With all this yummy food, we start off with the starters and gradually move on to the special mains. We can have as many servings as we wish. And then comes desserts, oh that’s my favourite part. I’d take as much as I can, but by dessert time, we are pretty full. Oh, how we wish we could take some of the food home for later. It would be delightful to have a nice piece of moist creamy cake with a cup of tea later or even tomorrow. But alas! When dinner is over, we can only walk out of the door with a full tummy. God forbid you are so full, that you can’t even walk.

Now, where am I going with this? Well, think about it. We are probably the only one who benefitted from this meal and the restaurant may have made a profit too. A few hours after the meal has digested, there won’t be much left of it, other than some extra belly fat and a memory of the meal. We couldn’t take any food back home with us, nor could we go back without starting from scratch, i.e. paying again. 

If we were lucky enough, to be generous and fed some less fortunate people by buying them a meal, and allowing to enjoy the buffet, we would’ve left the restaurant as empty-handed, but we would leave an imprint on these people’s hearts. Eternally. 

So what’s my point? The above is the story of our life too. Life, from the moment we are born, is like walking into a restaurant that offers an all-you-can-eat buffet. Whilst you’re alive, eat as much as you can, but once you walk out of the door of life, nothing goes with you.

Nothing material at least. If you fed a few people, their love and blessings leave with you. Similarly in life, we only leave with our deeds, good or bad. All the material possessions we run after, all the desires we seek to fulfil, they are only here for us to enjoy as tenants. Or as customers in the restaurant of life. No food leaves with us, I mean no money, no possessions, and not even people.

As we serve and help others, we leave with a piece of their heart, a portion of their love, and that’s gold. 

See, this post may sound preachy, but you see, everytime you walk into a buffet, you’ll think of me now, won’t you? Just kidding!:) Got this thought while I was walking and heard a story by Swami. For now, my yummy and unhealthy french fries are ready! Nom Nom Nom. Am not hungry anymore though.

But while we are at it, what’s your favourite food? In life and at restaurants;)