There is pain,

Which we think will never go,

We have faith,

But right now, nothing is working.

There is hope,

But still feeling hopeless.

There are many friends,

But we need only that one best friend.

Some people love,

But we need only that one person.

There are hundreds of reasons to be happy,

But we need that one reason.

There are many good memories,

But we are still living that one memory.

Here’s that one thing,

Which creates inevitable pain,

But that one thing, person, or memory means everything to us.

So, this is us. Do you agree with me? We all are stuck with one thing and it’s s hard for all of us to move on from that one thing. I am not an extraordinary person; I am also like you whose struggling to move on. Even if it’s a friendship. My poem almost said what I wanted to say. I want to tell you one thing, whatever that one thing is in your life, you need to move on. It’s important for you. You are more than that. You are loved and accepted. Stay happy and blessed. Don’t cling to one thing, look around, there is a lot of beauty. When that one thing will go away and it will be painful. So, open your heart. 

Keep smiling,

Thank you,

Riya om