There are many advices/talks present in our ancient scriptures.

I will write one of them today.

That which has come and gone is not of/for us.

In devnagari script “मिलने और बिछड़ने वाली चीज अपनी नही होती”

This one gem contains itself many hidden lessons. This can be applied in numerous different situations of life, if you will apply irrespective of age, qualification etc.

For example :- Let us apply it in anger situation.

Anger has came and then it is gone so it is not us and we are not it. No one can be angry all the time. BUT we can be happy all the time thus our natural phenomena is happiness not anger.

Think of it in free time…..

P.S. :- Anyone remember that Song ?        ” Aane se uske aaye bahaar, jaane se uske jaaye bahaar”. 😉