As a career oriented working Delhite girl turned post one year of marriage to a Ghareloo kid raising mom ,the only mission, vision and purpose became child rearing! So as 3 years passed with lots of Dr spokes reading and innumerable mistakes from rubbing heeng on navel to giving Chitrak haritaki avleh chanyavan prash during baby s cold and cough nights ,Now was the time for school admission! School admission is Delhi is no less than marrying your daughter in Ambani khandan or getting a Job with Google! With limited ” THE SCHOOLS* and all cosmopolitan people with different degrees ,different political connections, Alluminies of same school where u seek admission aswell as an elder sibling with same school ,the future of a first born that too having one Lawyer parent is extremely dark.its said that lawyers are so much in flow of arguing that no father gives them their daughter and no school gives their daughter an admission! Any ways at 3 years completion of our Daughter the big question was Admission to Delhis Good School! Since there was no centralized Admission process in 2004 aswell no education directorate norms aswell no display of results of Admission in internet, the mammoth task of buying Admission prospectus of 22 top schools of Delhi according to india today survey became the major task! With information from grand parents educational background to 5 known people we know and child s interviews asking them who takes them for nature walks ,we were found tutoring our kids what to answer aswelll making them mug up poems and rainbow colour names! Since as an instruction that your child should speak each word in english by mother in law i also use to now tell the all english child a tree is called ped and red means laal.On one interview on such occasion it was her dad s too aswelll she developed high viral fever ,with no option to come some other day we took her giving her crocin but when all kids were taken away from parents for interactive session my daughter refused to go clinging to me ,the head mistress just held her hand tight and tried to drag her along ,at this she cried…aunty has pierced her nails un my arms,it was an extremely awkward moment,ofcourse we never got Admission there.In one more school in Principals s office she took a teddy bear kept at side of Principal table and kept flying it in air and dropping, the Principal watched us Pathetically, in another school she took 5 eclairs telling the held mistress mummy said take 2 but i like them , among many such harrowing experiences we got through in a convent but i saw treachers slapping some student ultimately not paying Admission fee there.Every failed interview meant a big class from my husband he had to miss his court that day so used to get very puzzled! Even my own school never admitted my daughter,that year lot of ministers kids too were in Admission process as Priyanka Gandhi s son and Rajeev prtaap Rudy s daughter in Delhi schools only! Ultimately after 4 months of struggle we got through in Spring Dales school and i had the second sleep less night in happiness! The first was when my daughter was excitement i had not slept seeing her face again and again! Do u remember your/ your child s admissions to nursery?