Who are these Om people!?

I’m sure this question has come to your mind at least once if you have come to the Ashram or have read the names of Swami Ji’s disciples and devotees in books or on social media. But this is not what I asked!

The simple answer to this question is, just like you use your biological father’s name as your own last name, once initiated (watch The Importance of Guru); you carry your Spiritual Father’s name (Om Swami Ji๐Ÿ˜Š) as your own, hence Mohit Om. It’s the greatest spiritual blessing, an unconditional acceptance of who you are, a new beginning and a massive responsibility in disguise. If you dig deeper though, you realize the infinite potential this initiation and the mighty lineage (of which I didn’t know much) hold for you. But is it that simple? I doubt it is. Read on.

For some reason, I shiver and squeeze in front of Swami Ji (think of a mouse holding a laddoo at the feet of Lord Ganesha). If you’ve been fortunate enough to meet him in person or if you’ve had the blessing to catch his glance during the discourse, you’ll know what I mean (or maybe not!). That gaze pierces through your very being and you stand bared with all your insecurities, tendencies and whatever you carry in your heart, mind and soul. Not for a moment, I’m suggesting that it’s scary or it instills fear in any way, but it’s just very different from anything you’ll have ever experienced in your life.

For this reason, I fail to muster enough courage to ask many questions plus whatever is there worth knowing, Swami Ji has already spoken about it here, here and here. However this time, it was different. This one particular question was on my mind since Swami Ji’s birthday celebrations in November 2019, but as I mentioned, I don’t find the strength to look in those eyes and ask a question, I had let it go. Come December, I was fortunate enough to be back at the Ashram for the New Year’s event but the urge to ask this question didn’t leave me at all and I sheepishly asked the following question after practicing it a 1000 times in my head. It was the first question of that evening:

Swami Ji, Aap Ji ne hamari parampara k baare me kaafi baar baat ki hai, kripya kar k hamari parampara k baare me vistaar se batayein, kahan se shuru hui, kaise age badhi aur kaise yahan tak aayi ?

(Dearest Swami Ji, you have briefly touched upon our lineage in the past, please grace us by speaking about it in detail; where did it begin, how did it move forward and how has it come this far?)

I was breathing so fast that my glasses had mist around the edges by the time I finished asking this question. Imagine that same mouse looking at its Lord with a devotee’s prayerful eyes, seeking an answer with folded hands, ready to absorb everything Bhagwan was about to reveal.

Here are the excerpts that I can fully recall:

“Bhagwan Mahavishnu gave the mantra to Maa Mahalaxmi for sattvikta (because Maa somewhere thought that I am the reason behind Lord Vishnu’s grandeur and glory)….1st river!

As time passed, Maa gave it to the Sannath Kumaras…

Lord Mahavishnu also gave the mantra to Devrishi Narad Ji. Later on, Narad Ji gave it to his disciples in the disciplic tradition and it carried on in the parampara.

At about the same time, Lord Shiva gave this mantra to Maa Parvati, who passed it on to the sincere seekers of that time and from there, it came into the tantra tradition…2nd river!

Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s son; Baba Sri Chhand Ji started the Udaseen Sampradaye (3rd river!) under the Nath sect where it came down to Naga Baba and then to Our beloved Swami Ji๐Ÿ˜Š.

Swami Ji invoked Sri Lalita Sahasranama, Sri Vishnu Sahasranama and Gayatri Mantra (by this time he had developed an unmistakable method to converse with the Divine). He did mantra sadhana of Bhairavi Maa’s mantra (Read If Truth Be Told), and other mantras; some he knew himself, some he had learned at Naga Baba’s. Vedic and tantric mantras came through Naga Baba’s Guru – Sri Mohan Das Udaseen Ji and Sabar mantras came forth through Naga Baba’s paramguru – Sri Harinam Das Aghori Ji.

Swami Ji did all of this before the mool sadhana, he then left for the Himalayas to undertake the 150 day mool sadhana mentioned in the memoir, which lead to an unambiguous vision of Mother Goddess and Lord Hari. Another sadhana in Bengal and then in Kamakhya, where he got initiated into tantra and the entire circle got complete. It became a bouquet of everything, all these rivers of great lineages merged into one ocean; our almighty, Swami Ji๐Ÿ˜Š.

After this, Swami Ji came to the Ashram and performed another sadhana for 8 months on falahar diet (potato and beans only) to invoke the 15 Nitya Devis (companion energies of Mother Divine) at the Ashram.”

He said, “Power of sankalpa (resolve) is incredible, it really increases the chances of achievement of goals, take small sankalpas and keep completing them; one day, big sankalpas will also be fulfilled easily”.

10…20…30…40…45! That evening, this was the only question that was answered, as the evening discourse is usually 45 minute long. I was numb, blown away by what had happened in the last 45 minutes. I was scared to even lock my eyes with him for a few seconds to ask a question and here I was, sitting with folded hands in rapt attention, with my eyes and ears set on him and every word he said for about 3 quarters of an hour looking in my eyes.

It was as if a beggar in tattered clothes had come to an emperor’s palace seeking alms, and the emperor kept filling the beggarโ€™s pockets with priceless and unearthly gems until the beggar could stop counting. Those 45 minutes were moments of grace, everyone in the discourse hall felt it, the depth and intensity of that discourse is inexplicable.

I can never ever do justice to Swami Ji’s answer, nor am I capable of perfectly reflecting on it or writing it down as it was said. Whatever I could recall, I have written it here for everyone to read and rejoice. If you try to connect the dots (that also happens by his grace), you’ll surely get an idea of Who has initiated us and where exactly it can lead us if we sincerely walk the path.

Gratitude and Forgiveness Prayer: Your silly boy is forever in gratitude my lord, THANK YOU for accepting us and making us a part of this divine lineage, that started from the divine and is carried on by the divine. My Dearest Lord and the holy Lineage, I seek your forgiveness for the innumerous mistakes I have made while writing this post and humbly offer my pranams at your feet. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything!

Much Love,

Mohit Om

P.S. If you like this post, please share your experiences of Swami Ji’s grace and blessings in the comments section. This thread will brim with devotional sentiment that will satiate many devotees who long to hear the tales of His glories and blessings.

Update: Thank you so much for your love and support on my 1st Post, my lifetime earnings have crossed INR 10k. It baffles me, what we can achieve as a community of like minded people. As pledged, all of it will go back to the Ashram on 03.10.2020, I will add an update to that post once I fulfill the promise.

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