The simple complexion

Look at the way it is..

Its not the way you see it..


The beautiful world
Has many flaws
The beautiful people
Are always the cause

The lush green land
Can mint money in
The warm cool sand
Has nothing to cash in

The people are kind
And selfishly blind
You are kind too
I’m the only one refined

The hurt made you smile
May be he wanted something
You too be so for a while
Not at all I need nothing

The home is such a dream
Struggled a lot for this
You got strength to share
Its only me and my bliss

The love around is shining
I’m the only one whining
The love in you is all around
I’m the melody so none sound

The world is everything you need
I’m the world its my deed
The god is in you
I have me that’s what I feed!


Fine then I’ll leave…you got you you don’t need me..